Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kinmirai Happy End

Kinmirai Happy End

The Aqours Next Step project continues with CYaRon's second single titled Kinmirai Happy End and this latest single begs us for more of Chika Takami, You Watanabe, and Ruby Kurosawa.

For the latest single by one of Aqours' sub-groups, you can expect two new songs that you can either listen to those or feel it in your School Idol Festival app game anytime soon such as the main song and their other new song titled 海岸通りで待ってるよ. If you are done listening to those two new songs from CYaRon, they've added a new drama part so you can listen what's next for CYaRon, probably a rare find they've encountered.

Don't forget, the Next Step project for Aqours continues with AZALEA and Guilty Kiss unveiling their second singles soon as well as the new duo/trio performances from your favorite Aqours heroes, leading up to Aqours' 2nd Love Live -THE HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR- later in the summer and the second series of Love Live! Sunshine!! coming this fall. Another main reason to come back for more of Aqours!


01. 近未来ハッピーエンド
02. 海岸通りで待ってるよ
03. 近未来ハッピーエンド (Off Vocal)
04. 海岸通りで待ってるよ (Off Vocal)
05. レアな沼津をめしあがれ❤

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