Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Destined To Be Yours Finale

Throughout a short period of time, sadly, GMA's TV drama Destined To Be Yours highlights the life and times of Benjie (Alden Richards) and Sinag (Maine Mendoza) as they overcome against all odds and destined to be themselves in the face of times.

In the final episode of Destined To Be Yours, after the Obispo family's old home in Pelangi is saved from being demolished, Benjie learned the truth about why his grandfather, Vicente, lied about what happened to him and Sinag just to part themselves. Meanwhile, Sinag and her family are packing up to go to America while Benjie and his mother returned to the Philippines to find Sinag. However, it was too late as Benjie presumed that Sinag and his family left the country.

Saddened about Sinag's departure, Benjie traveled through Pelangi by himself and when he arrived at the very place where he and Sinag made a promise, Benjie finally encountered Sinag and reunited at long last.

The next day, Benjie and Sinag got married and they can finally start a new life altogether.

That concludes the story of Destined To Be Yours. Although this show ended on a short run, it was a start for the breakthrough love team, AlDub, as they showcased us how much love is tested through time and against all odds, they are destined to be themselves. Although not enough, this show will be remembered as a landmark for the phenomenal love team and here's for more AlDub in the future.

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