Saturday, May 20, 2017

The final battle of Encantadia

When GMA's iconic fantaserye, Encantadia, revived last year, not only it retells the original saga but it picks up where the former left off, with the rise of four Sangres, the war on Hathoria, new successors, new threats, and the war of the Bathalumans. Everything that makes the new Encantadia more enticing than the original, especially those iron-clad fairies fighting for the sake of the kingdom.

Now, the final battle sees the rest of Encantadia joined forces to put an end to the darkness reigned by both Hagorn, the former Hathorian king, and Ether, the evil Bathaluman.

With familiar faces, especially the fallen Sangre Amihan re-emerged in the body of Arianna, and with Emre back to being a Bathaluman, the battle beyond good and evil comes full circle. As the three Sangres Pirena, Danaya, and Alena, face off against the tyrannical Bathaluman, Amihan settles the score against Hagorn once and for all. 

As the battle enrages, Hagorn summoned the army of Hadezars, fallen soldiers risen from the Balaak (underworld), but the cavalry's here because of the arrival of the Ivtres, fallen faires sent from Devas (heaven), led by the fallen King Raquim. As King Raquim faces off Hagorn, he told the truth about who killed Hagorn's father, King Arvak. It was a prince named Asval who assassinated King Arvak, but Asval was killed by Ybrahim a long time ago. With Hagorn never accepted the real truth, he attacked King Raqium and killed Amihan.

Using her last strength, Amihan took back her gems from Hagorn before he ultimately killed her until Ybrahim killed Hagorn once and for all.

With Hagorn vanquished and Ybrahim retrieved the gems from Amihan while the Ivtres continue to fend off against the Hadezars, the Sangres merged themselves to defeat Ether. As they successfully weakened Ether with everything they got, Ether faced judgment from Emre and she became a snake. The battle is over and Encantadia's finally saved from the darkness, but with a major cost at their side.

After the war, Cassiopeia, the ancient fairy, was revived by Emre and now became a Bathaluman. Later, Lira was freed from the curse, and Danaya decided that she will turn over her throne as Hara (queen) and pass it on to someone else so that she can marry Aquil.

After Danaya and Aquil tied the knot, Pirena married Azul as well. Alena is crowned the new Hara of the Kingdom of Lireo. And because of her bravery, Emre allowed Amihan to become an Ivtre again.

After that, Ybrahim and Lira received a newborn baby from Cassiopeia, who says that this newborn baby was forged from Lira's hair, her blood, and Amihan's ashes, and destined to become the new heir to the kingdom. As the Sangres gave birth to their new heirs, the kingdom of Encantadia is now back to the way things were.

Here's the real kicker; the final episode ends with a mysterious character who is the sister of Cassiopeia and has a plot to take over the land of the fairies someday. 

That brings the end of the rebirth of Encantadia. We are going to miss the epic storytelling, the fairies, the background, the epic battles, and the colorful vocabulary we learned every episode. Thanks to Encantadia, we have grown so much interests over fairies, even when clad in steel and know how to kick butts.

Ivo Live Encantadia!

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