Monday, May 29, 2017

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: North Korea launches another missile

According to Japan's Defense Ministry, North Korea has launched a missile on Monday morning and it is believe it landed within Japan's exclusive economic zone in the Sea of Japan.

South Korea's military says the missile was launched from North Korea's eastern coast and that it is thought to be a Scud missile that flew nearly 450km before landing in the sea. North Korea has launched 11 missiles so far this year, with the last one taking place on May 21st.

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned that North Korean missiles are improving with each test. He said the US made it clear that is willing to work with China and that he believes China has tried to be helpful in settling the issue.

Meanwhile, the US Defense Department says officials are planning to dispatch the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier to the region to conduct a joint drill with the USS Carl Vinson carrier group which is already maneuvering in waters off the Korean Peninsula.

A drill involving 2 US aircraft carriers in the Sea of Japan near the Korean Peninsula would be unprecedented, using it as a warning against the Korean Peninsula.

Source: NHK World 

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