Saturday, June 17, 2017


Nintendo's first-ever fighting game made specifically for the brand-new Switch, called ARMS, rewrites everything they think about fighting games and with the newest addition to the Nintendo family takes advantage of the new JoyCon peripheral, having just one pair isn't enough because you're going to need more to deliver its party piece for the newest Nintendo fighting game.


ARMS, so what is ARMS? Nintendo calls it "the first fighting game of its kind" and players are ready to fight like never before as they can fight as different cast of fighters, including Spring Man and Ribbon Girl, and equip them with numerous kinds of ARMS that can turn the tide of the battle. They can only bring three different ARMS to a match and can be swapped during rounds and take note, each ARMS have different attributes such as fire, lightning, or wind. They will have to charge them up during a match and unleash its massive firepower to blow the competition away. Best of all, you can either collect new ones or upgrade existing ones. This means that ARMS isn't just a fighting game because it takes strategy to master different kinds of characters and ARMS to take on skilled players worldwide in various battle modes and show them who's the boss.

In ARMS, you can fight against other players in either 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, or different kinds of games such as volleyball, basketball, target shooting, and many more. Or, you can get to know more about the characters in Grand Prix mode where players take on seven levels of difficulty and 10 matches each to prove that they deserve the title. In terms of playing online, they can either fight for fun in Party Match or fight for real in Ranked Match.

Just to take note, before the Switch's paid online subscription kicks off next year, best to play its online features at no cost for such a limited time, just so you can understand its online multiplayer gameplay better before you're going to charge some to play multiplayer online.

As a game made specifically for the Switch, ARMS offers different play styles but most importantly is using a pair of JoyCons courtesy of the Thumbs-up Grip because with the pair set, players can punch, move, grab, guard, or unleash Rush attacks by the way you move those JoyCons. In addition to the Thumbs-up Grip, ARMS allows players to play the game in various play styles depending on the controllers and layouts.

So, what can I say about ARMS? Taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch, this game is all about taking on all-comers wherever you go and because you are going to need a pair of JoyCons to unleash the ultimate ARMS experience, you should need some more to bring out its party piece because ARMS is more than just a fighting game, it's a party game where you can spend your time with your mates punching each other for the win and that really is the party piece ARMS is all about. Best of all, it's a fun, family-friendly alternative to those hard hitting fighting games your big bro and big sis are familiar with so you can challenge your whole family with the game of ARMS, making it the perfect family night idea after a long, strenuous day. Like I said, it really is a party piece and kudos to Nintendo to create a fun fighting game for all ages to enjoy anyway they like.

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