Sunday, June 11, 2017

Doctor Who S10E09

One of the most recognizable creatures in the Doctor Who franchise, the Ice Warriors, returned in the recent episode of this series of Doctor Who, titled Empress of Mars, and this episode brings sovereign and allegiance to a terrifyingly new meaning on another planet.

The Doctor and Bill Potts ventured under Mars during the 19th Century when the British made the planet part of their empire and with an unusual ally, they ventured deeper to discover the Empress of Mars and this how the allegiances between the two species are tested. Well, don't want to spoil what happened but with Bill muttering too much movie references and how the episode ends in a surprising twist, it never feel so alive.

So, does this episode surprise you? Take it from this episode's writer, Mark Gatiss, and Matt Lucas, who plays Nardole in this show, in the latest DW Fan Show webcast.


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