Sunday, June 18, 2017

Doctor Who S10E10

As the crow flies in square circles, the latest episode of Doctor Who Series 10, titled "The Eaters of Light", sees The Doctor and his friends landed and separated on 2nd century Scotland, where a war between two sides became sidetracked by a powerful threat emerging through the darkness.

Doctor Who S10E10

Sidetracked, Bill ended up at the hands of the Ninth Roman Legion while The Doctor and Nardole ended up with the Picts. As a powerful threat emerges through the darkness, the gang are finding their way to reunite themselves while having both factions work together to stop this powerful threat. That really is a history-changing moment ever witnessed and just like last time, how the episode ends is a major surprise for the viewers who witnessed this episode from start to finish.

The two-part Series 10 starts next week and you will witness familiar threats returning for The Doctor's biggest threat ever witnessed. But in the meantime, the latest DW Fan Show webcast had a word with Rebecca Benson, who guested in this episode as Kar in this week's episode.


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