Friday, June 2, 2017

FH3 Hot Wheels: To Greater Heights

The BMW M2 has been one of my favorite M cars in Forza Horizon 3. I once challenged it against a Ford Focus RS as well as a Bentley Bentayga for some all intents and purposes and it shows that even though it's not as sharp and as powerful as any of the BMW M-cars, the M2 is better in every tangible way and I can get around with this Bimmer as long as I want, as long as that design I made is with me.

Now, it's ready to take on a brand new challenge, this time at Hot Wheels Thrilltopia because we're in a middle of our Hot Wheels arc of our Horizon trip, and to get itself prepared for this new kind of challenge, I've created a masterpiece just for the M2.

Love the new design I made for this? Made to replicate Yume Nijino's new outfit on the second season of Aikatsu Stars. I know, I know, it's an S4 uniform and with Yume wearing the outfit only the most elite students should wear, it feels great that she finally got the dream of becoming one of them. But even though her dream to be an S4 was fulfilled, there's more work need to be done to defend her title and to that, she needs help from one of her friends. Someone who spins herself like she was thunderstruck, someone who loves to poke her belly, and there she is.

Well, if it isn't the turbocharged, all-wheel drive, Ford Focus RS, with the Rola Sakuraba-themed look I made for it. However, it looked different from the last time. Wonder why...

Okay, now that explains everything. Rola in the same uniform as Lily Shirogane really mean one thing. No, she's not as desperate as she is but because she was easily defeated by Yume, all she ever does is to work as hard as she can before she can join the elite ranks some other time. Now that she's on the same boat as Yume and the others, they're officially partners again. Just like old times.

Anyway, with their designs updated to keep up with the times, as well as some new tricks to their sleeves since our last encounter with these things, let's see if they are ready to go through new heights in this epic roller coaster paradise we are venturing right now. Are these gals ready for the trip of a lifetime?

After a little night out at the Thrilltopia, it's fair to say that even through they've changed a bit, their attitudes never changed a bit and looks like they're up to greater heights, literally! The one who achieved the dream and the other one trying hard to be like her, they're in sync with each other! Speaking of which...

Heh? What's that queenly majesty doing here? Something tells me this isn't over between those two. He he he. Anyway, let's leave it at then and in the meantime, we have the whole Thrilltopia to go around for more as the journey continues.

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