Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: Baby Back Rib Driver

In the movie Baby Driver, a young man was hired by a crime syndicate to become their getaway driver and the car he drives in this movie is a red Subaru WRX. Of course, you can see him driving a Dodge Challenger but the WRX is the star of Baby Driver and I would like to honor this film by filling his boy racer shoes on this kind of Subie you can see on this film, right here on Forza Horizon 3.

Uh, you know what, the Subie WRX STi we had in this game is better than the WRX the Baby Driver drove in the film. Seen here is a GDB-F Subaru Impreza WRX STi, the final facelifted version of the second-generation WRX STi first launched in 2005 and while it remains mechanically the same as the previous GDB-Type II WRX STi, the front face is donned with Subaru's old trademark grille penned by a former Alfa Romeo designer which traces back to the company's airplane roots. It was powered by the same EJ20 engine as any other WRX STi models you are familiar with, producing 311HP of power and same amount of torques while mated with a 6-speed manual gearbox and this was one of the Japanese emerged from the mid-2000's when the 280HP limit set up by the Japanese government was lifted so carmakers are free to add whatever power they want.

Although this is different than the Baby Driver's Subie, it still behaves just like one and you can imagine how much reenactment you can do with it if you watch this film this weekend. With all that rally-proven performance, this Subie is all about getting its tires dirty while letting its all-wheel drive magic do its thing on and off the road and in the Baby Driver's case, you'll need some mad skills to pull one off in your sleeves.

Speaking of which, let me take that so-called Baby Driver car for a spin round Surfers Paradise with the other Subarists while I, the Baby Back Rib Driver, making the case with this Subie just to see if I can get mad driving with it. Get your coffee and headphones ready because this is no joy ride. This is a joy ride, Baby Driver style!

Okay, I may not have some mad skills like the Baby Driver himself but I'm glad that I'm honoring him with the car that looks similar to the Subie the Baby Driver drove in the movie. I'd expect you Subarists to watch this film this weekend and see if you can match your driving style to this...Baby Driver. You kids are going to love it, trust me.

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