Saturday, June 24, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: Everything or Nothing

Here it is, my new and shiny second-generation Porsche Cayenne Turbo SUV that I picked it up after doing a very difficult task at this weekend's Forzathon event and now that I got it, let's see if this modern take on Porsche's first ever SUV can do more than just being a SUV built for hauling people from one place to another.

Although purists dislike the Porsche Cayenne for being a treason to its sports car heritage, it was proven to set a performance benchmark for sport utility vehicles, thus nicknaming it the Porsche 911 of the Sport Utility Vehicle regime. For this variant, it comes with a 4.8L V8 turbo engine producing 500HP of power output and with the 7-speed PDK, it does 0-100kph in around four seconds and onwards at 278km/h, making it one of the fastest SUVs money can buy. Anyway, enough blabbity about the Cayenne because it's time to do something special with this heavyweight now that I got my hands on it...

Of course, for an SUV of this size, you might think that there's no way an SUV can survive the twists and turns in the fantasy world of Hot Wheels Thrilltopia and it should go back being a soccer mom car made for picking up kids at school and go grocery shopping rather than enjoying a rollercoaster moment here. In this case, let's see who has the last laugh.

Who's laughing now, ladies and gentlemen? It maybe a soccer mom car but it's still a Porsche. It's an SUV made for the driver who has everything or nothing at all and it makes them feel as interesting as...hmmm...The Most Interesting Man In The World. I don't usually drive Porsches but when I do, they're extraordinary. Wait, why did I said that line? Anyway, you got this weekend only to get the Porsche Cayenne while you still can, my friends.

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