Thursday, June 15, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: A real American Le Mans hero

Le Mans weekend is upon us and it might be the ideal time to take a trip back memory lane on the real American hero that trumped Ferrari in their own game five decades ago. This is the Ford GT40, a real American Le Mans hero.

More specific, it's the GT40 Mk.II that deserved the credit of Henry Ford's ambition to create a car that will humiliate Enzo Ferrari in Le Mans and it did with a crushing 1-2-3 finishing blow at the 1966 Le Mans endurance race. If it weren't for the likes of Carroll Shelby, the 7.0L V8 engine producing 485HP of power, the 4-speed gearbox made specifically for this engine, and the other American and European heroes involved in the development of the Mk.II GT40, Ford wouldn't succeed in the fight against Ferrari 50 years ago and because of the success of the GT40, the Americans are now part of the battle for global motorsport dominance.

Looking back fifty years ago and witnessed history repeated with the modern Ford GT, it's a fair say that the legendary Ford GT40 is too legendary to be forgotten by many car enthusiasts and its importance in America's involvement in motorsport inspired the American Big Three to do the same in various motorsports no matter how good or bad they perform. I may be awestruck by the remarkable achievement Ford has ever done to create a racing machine that can beat Ferrari in Le Mans but this is no time to ramble more about it because...'s time to call on other drivers who have taste among vintage racers and see if the Ford GT40 lives up to its legend while donning a racing livery familiar to petrolheads and historians alike because this car isn't about being born for history. It was born to MAKE history. A real history maker, get it?

Even in the Australian fantasy land, this GT40 sure knows how to make history just like what it did back in 1966 at Le Mans. Man, it's great to be a Le Mans fan of some sorts and I've never felt so pumped up getting ready to witness this weekend's Le Mans.

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