Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Fun with the Yo-Kai Watch Dream toy

If you are very busy with the hit anime series based on Level 5's hit video game franchise, Yo-Kai Watch, you may have strongly familiar with the gadget the show's main character Keita Amano (Nate Adams) wears which is none other than the Yo-Kai Watch.

Throughout the show, Keita has wore different versions of the Yo-Kai Watch from the first one when the show began three years ago, the Zero model we saw in the Yo-Kai Watch 2 games, most importantly the one in the movie Keizou Amano (Nathaniel Adams) wore before handing it over to the would-be grandson at the end of the film, the U Prototype ringing new tribe songs and the fact that another Yo-Kai Watch user has one by the name of Inaho Misora, and now this...

Welcome everyone to the Yo-Kai Watch DREAM, the current Yo-Kai Watch model our main character is wearing from the TV series as well as the Yo-Kai Watch 3 games. The folks from BANDAI made a replica of the latest Yo-Kai Watch model Keita wore in the show and it became a must have for every Japanese kids' birthday present (or Christmas).

If you're in Japan and if you're looking for this kind of Yo-Kai Watch toy, it's hard to guess how much is this because on the official website, it's "PRICE ON APPLICATION" so you only need to request to the merchant how much this is. Long time ago, the first two Yo-Kai Watches, the original and the Zero, costs you 3,200 Yen plus tax, while the Yo-Kai Watch U Prototype costs you 4,200 Yen plus tax. Whatever this is, it's hard to guess how much this costs so it's everyone's guess.

Anyway, let's have a look at this Yo-Kai Watch DREAM toy...

Now that's some golden touch to the familiar design we love when we first fall in love with the Yo-Kai Watch.

This strap has a nice American theme to it. Perhaps no wonder the Yo-Kai Watch story enters the age of the American Yo-Kais such as Tomnyan, the KK Brothers, USApyon, and the others.

Lights emitting red while engaging Search Mode. The sound of the watch emitting scanning noise is now improved and it takes to getting used to this noise.

This Watch comes with two Yo-Kai Medals; Jibanyan and Robonyan USA. If you noticed something different with Jibanyan, that's because what you have here is the Dream Medal but let's talk about that later on because when you insert the watch, you are greeted with the brand new summoning jingle that varies by tribe and no matter the medal or the tribe, it plays one of seven roulette jingles but how it ends will be everyone's guess. In the case of the Yo-Kai Dream Medal, special dialogues will be triggered at the end of the summoning sequence. If it's good, the special dialogue will be good but if its bad, then it's the opposite. You get the point.

There's another thing you can do with the Dream Medal because with the Dream Medal present, hold the search button to trigger Charge Mode. When it says "3...2...1...", hit the Search Button to engage it and let's hope that the roulette hits the bottom middle of the watch or else you'll have to try and try again until it hits! When it hits the bottom middle of the Yo-Kai Watch DREAM, congratulations! Your Dream Medal's now charged! Some say you'll trigger something special with this by scanning its QR code behind the medal on the Yo-Kai Watch 3 SUSHI/TEMPURA/SUKIYAKI game for the Nintendo 3DS.

If words can bore you down, maybe a little video digest will;

So, what's my take on the Yo-Kai Watch DREAM toy? I'm starting to love this kind of Yo-Kai Watch toy a lot and I tend to get carried away when I am busy channeling my inner Keita (Nate) with this kind of Yo-Kai Watch and if you are planning to cosplay as Keita (Nate) on your next anime convention, better start looking for one of these and pretty soon, I'll be teaching you how to dress as Keita (Nate) from Yo-Kai Watch so watch for it.

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