Wednesday, June 21, 2017


After CYaRon's Kinmirai Happy End and AZALEA's Galaxy HidE and SeeK, now it's the turn of Aqours' third sub-unit Guilty Kiss to kick your butts out of the window with their second single titled KOWAREYASUKI.


Anyway, you know what this is but for some, this is the second single by Guilty Kiss comprising of Riko Sakurauchi, Yoshiko Tsushima, and Mari Ohara from Aqours as seen on Love Live Sunshine and this is part of the Aqours Next Step Project. Needless to say, all three sub-units released their own second singles, completing this first phase of the project.

But before talking through this, this latest single packs two new songs that will surely have your butts kicked out from the window and if you want more of Guilty Kiss, there's an audio drama included so you can get yourself be part of Guilty Kiss' latest adventure. Did you know that these two new songs will soon be featured on Love Live School Idol Festival app game?

With the sub-units' second singles now out in the running, the Next Step Project continues with new duo/trio performances from your favorite Aqours heroes, adding up to Aqours' 2nd Love Live -THE HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR- later in the summer and the second series of Love Live! Sunshine!! coming this fall. Another main reason to come back for more of Aqours!


01. コワレヤスキ
02. Shadow gate to love
03. コワレヤスキ (Off Vocal)
04. Shadow gate to love (Off Vocal)
05. 十番勝負❤沼津やまやの陣

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