Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Let's Do The News! (June 27, 2017)

- The Philippines ruled out negotiations with the Islamist militants holding hostages and occupying a southern town after reports that a rebel leader wanted to trade a Catholic priest for his parents being held by police. Reports told that Abdullah Maute, one of two brothers who formed the militant group carrying their name, had told religious emissaries on Sunday that he wanted his mother and father freed in return for Father Teresito “Chito” Soganub, vicar general of Marawi. Soganub and over a hundred Christians are being held by the insurgents as human shields.

- Vice President Leni Robredo revealed that the refugees from Marawi wish to return home. Robredo said that every escapee, or bakwit, she talked with had said that they are feeling impatient inside the evacuation center and are eager to return home.

- The members of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and Land Transportation Office arrested jeepney drivers who are not using headlights while traversing the southern section of Metro Manila and Novaliches.

- The recent Congressional Budget Office analysis of the Senate's version of "Trumpcare", which Senator Mitch McConnell wants to vote on as early as this Thursday, revealed that this healthcare, when passed, within a decade sees #321 billion reduction to the federal deficit, 22 million more Americans would be uninsured, 15 million fewer people would be enrolled in Medicaid, and overall health care costs would increase.

- Three journalists from CNN have been resigned after the publication of a Russia-related article that was later retracted. The Russia-related story, published on Thursday, reported Congress was investigating the ties of a Russian investment fund to an aide of U.S. President Donald Trump. It was deleted a day later after its investigation when certain editorial processes weren't followed when the article was published.

- No one has won Mongolia’s presidential election on Monday, forcing the country’s first ever second-round run-off between the two leading candidates, the country’s General Election Committee said of Tuesday. The populist former martial arts star Khaltmaa Battulga from the Democratic Party won the popular vote but failed to secure the majority required.

- Sota Fujii, a 14-year-old shogi player, has a record of 29 straight wins, breaking a record held for three decades.

- The third-generation BMW X3 has been officially unveiled, with the M40i served as the ranger-topper of this new model.

2018 BMW X3

- The Seat Arona was unveiled and this is their first compact SUV that will slot below the Ateca.

2018 Seat Arona

- In case you missed it, Takata, yesterday, filed for bankruptcy protection after it can't cope up with the most devastating auto safety crisis in history. The China-owned Key Safety Systems said it would buy Takata's factories for about 1.6 billion dollars. The deal effectively means the end of Takata, which was established in 1933 and is still controlled by its founding family.


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