Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Lives of Captain Jack

Captain Jack Harkness; time agent, con man, Torchwood agent, and overall gay man we all love about him. He's a man of many mysteries but for some, he's a dead man walking with his problems, but for most, he's Captain Jack Harkness and he's one of the most famous Doctor Who characters ever remembered and Big Finish Productions brought in some of the best writers to compile four untold stories from Captain Jack Harkness, each connects to the events of past Doctor Who episodes.

The Lives of Captain Jack

John Barrowman reprises his role of Captain Jack Harkness in four new chapters highlighting the life and times of one of of our favorite homosexual characters from the world of Doctor Who and because it's already here in the time of the pride, that makes The Lives of Captain Jack a wonderful character study on the character we are strongly familiar with. 

The first chapter is titled "The Year After I Died" and following the events of the Series 1 finale, The Parting of Ways, after he was killed by the Daleks and later revived by the power of the Bad Wolf (thus leaving him stuck with his immortality ability), Captain Jack emerges for the biggest fight for his life as he tries to save Earth from a familiar enemy.

In the second chapter titled "Wednesdays For Beginners", Captain Jack teams up with Rose's mother, Jackie (played by Camille Coduri) to save the Powell Estate from a threat Jackie Tyler must not be named.

In "One Enchanted Evening", after the dramatic events from The End of Time Part 2, this is where a new kind of love story kicks in after a chance encounter between him and Alonso Frame (played by Russell Tovey) at a bar after being introduced by The Doctor before he left. What is the reason why The Doctor want them to be together? It's a tough question out there and it's going to be one heck of a typical love story out there.

And finally, "Month 25", and this is how Captain Jack Harkness became part of the Time Agency and works his way through the ranks but the ranks weren't very grateful to him or are they?

These four new stories are sure enough to whet our appetite and our love over our favorite Time Agent who tries to deal with different kinds of situations no matter how many times he got killed and revived and it doesn't take a considerable amount of cheap and nasty time travel to understand the man we are familiar with. With the best writers and cast collaborated with Big Finish Productions, this compilation of stories is a fitting tribute to Captain Jack Harkness himself and we have to owe them major gratitude.

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