Thursday, June 15, 2017

Torchwood: Corpse Day

Big Finish Productions continues to unearth some of the hidden Torchwood archives that never saw the light of day as full-cast audio drama CDs so fans of the hit Doctor Who spinoff can get the same experience as they got from the hit BBC TV series. 2017 promises to bring more Torchwood audio dramas as part of their ongoing efforts to celebrate Torchwood's 10th anniversary since October 2006.

Torchwood: Corpse Day

Dr. Owen Harper (played by Burn Gorman) is a wisecracking medical specialist who likes to poke fun with the Torchwood Cardiff team until his death and resurrection (as demonstrated from Series 2 episodes such as Reset, Dead Man Walking, and A Day In the Death), rethinked his life and times as a Torchwood operative and in this never-before-told tale focused on our favorite medical specialist, it's time for the dead man to tell a tale once more.

Corpse Day is the day when the local constabulary seek assistance on dead cases from Torchwood and for PC Andy Davidson (played by Tom Price), a good friend of Gwen Cooper during her WPC days, he's grateful that for this year, he was volunteered to be a liaison for none other than, you guessed it, Dr. Owen Harper. However, in Owen's case, it feels like death cannot die, and for a dead man like him, this day feels like any other.

Hearing Tom Price and Burn Gorman in this installment is like you are jumping through a buddy cop flick at the start but when the case of grizzly murders kicked in, it transforms into a full-on gory horror experience that it won't really go easy on the listeners and long-time fans alike and in true Torchwood tradition, Corpse Day is a very special feast for the fans who just can't get enough of Owen as much as his on-screen antics from the last decade. 

More than that, this audio drama with a much gory outlook that became part of the Torchwood lore for a decade is more than enough to give themselves a "rat jam." Get it?

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