Monday, June 19, 2017

Toyota Aqua/Prius C - 2018 minor change

The Toyota Aqua (known in the world market as the Prius C) has been on the market for six years now and for its second minor change, it's now even more stylish and even more economical than ever just in the hopes to give everyone a chance to notice it for just a little while.

2018 Toyota Aqua
2018 Toyota Aqua

Here is your 2018 Toyota Aqua. Now, pay attention, for its second minor change, the Aqua received a brand new front face, redesigned rear lamps, and reshaped wheel arches. That's it. The one that used to be called the "X-URBAN", meanwhile, has been renamed into Crossover. Yep. Aqua Crossover. To differentiate the Aqua Crossover to the normal Aqua, it has been given a unique front face as well as some added ruggedness on the exterior design and exclusive Beige paint but even with the rugged look, it still behaves like the usual Aqua.

2018 Toyota Aqua interior
2018 Toyota Aqua interior

The interior has been slightly revised with new upholstery and new dashboard as hinted by the hazard light button that used to be square-shaped but now it's round, as well as the new instrumental panel that packs some vivid display for the drivers monitoring their driving progress. Even though the interior is new to us, it still packs the same generous boot space and the same five-seater capacity you would hope for the most fuel-efficient hybrid compact hatchback in its class.

In the previous minor change three years ago, the Aqua had a fuel efficiency of 37.0km/L by JC08 Mode standards. For this latest minor change though, the fuel efficiency has gone up by one, meaning it's now 38km/L based on JC08 Mode standards, that's about 0.8km/L more than last year's Nissan Note e-Power, however, that's only when it doesn't had some concessions of comfort such as rear seat power window and sound insulation materials. One word of warning, however, in some models, they can only go up to 34.4km/L, due to the added weight that makes up to health and safety regulations. That sounds awkward why the latest minor change had some slight weight gain but despite that, Toyota managed to upgrade the ride quality and stability, which makes it perfect to take it on city centers with ease and while this is not essentially a fun car full-stop, its city car charm would not go unnoticed.

The 2018 Aqua now comes with Toyota Safety Sense C, comprising of Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, and the Automatic High Beam function. Judging by the results, perhaps this tech is what sums the Aqua up while figuring out how this latest model gained weight a theory.

Prices start from 1,785,240 to 2,089,800 Yen (around $18,000 to $21,000) and while this is slightly expensive than the previous minor change, it's still the most affordable hybrid car Toyota offered on the market so even though with all that went happened with this latest minor change, let's hope that all eyes are on to this Aqua because it's time to ditch the chitter-chatter and turn your attention with this Aqua, just for once.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

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