Friday, June 2, 2017

Upcoming CX-3 petrol variant first for new WTLC Mode standards

Mazda CX-3

After being available only with a diesel engine in the Japanese market, Mazda decided to bring the long-awaited petrol variant of their CX-3 compact crossover this summer. The petrol engine will be offered on the CX-3 is a 2.0L SKYACTIV-G petrol engine and it will be the first time this engine will undergo the new WTLC Mode standards.

What is WTLC Mode? Good question, ladies and gentlemen, because the WTLC (Worldwide harmonized light duty driving test cycle) or Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure, whatever you may call it, is a chassis dynamometer test calculate vehicles' fuel efficiency in urban areas (WLTC-L), residential areas (WLTC-M) and highways (WLTC-H), just like the EPA-estimated mileage or the EU combined fuel-efficiency cycle in so many ways and this is their new and proper way to determine how fuel-efficient a car should be. It will replace the JC08 Mode test cycle in October of next year and the next time you'll ask how fuel efficient a Japanese car will be, just remember that it will now be measured in WTLC Mode standards instead of obsolete ones like the 10-15 Mode or the JC08 Mode.

The petrol-variant CX-3 will be the first under this new fuel economy test cycle. In a 2.0L petrol variant with front-wheel drive, fuel efficiency will go by this; WLTC-L, 16.8km/L WLTC-M, and 18.0km/L WLTC-H. Overall, fuel efficiency will be 16km/L, WLTC Mode standard.

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