Sunday, July 23, 2017

About the Pokemon GO Fest

To commemorate the first anniversary of PokeMon GO, a very popular augmented-reality smartphone app game inspired from the PokeMon video game franchise, the first-ever real-life Pokemon GO Fest took place at Chicago's Grant Park. In this anniversary event, Trainers of all teams took part in numerous challenges to unlock global rewards.

In this said event, a legendary PokeMon made its debut appearance in the PokeMon Go Fest and it's Lugia from the Gold and Silver games (namely The Johto Journeys). The legendary Psychic-and-Flying type PokeMon is set to appear at Raid Battles globally starting on the 23rd of July (24th of July Tokyo Time). Apart from Lugia, there's another Legendary Pokemon making an appearance as well on Raid Battles and that is the Ice-and-Flying type Articuno.

Reason why Articuno because there is a competition between the three Pokemon GO teams such as Team Mystic (representing Articuno), Team Instinct (representing Zapdos), and Team Valor (representing Moltres). It's a challenge of which team captures the most PokeMon gets the Legendary Pokemon they've represented appear alongside Lugia and Team Mystic is the winner, meaning Articuno will be appearing alongside Lugia in Raid Battles.

Players who successfully defeat the Legendary Pokemon in Raid Battle gets the chance to capture it but it can't be used to defend their gym.

So, with Legendary Pokemon finally arrived, are you ready for a new kind of PokeMon GO challenge? What Legendary Pokemons do you want to see next? Do you want more PokeMon to appear on future updates?


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