Sunday, July 2, 2017

Doctor Who Season 10 Finale

"The Doctor Falls" is the most explosive way to end the tenth season of Doctor Who with some uneasy alliances, fate, and twists this finale delivers and while this episode signals the end of this season, it's the penultimate journey in the Steven Moffat-era of this show as well as the Peter Capaldi years. Quite a show, isn't it?

Doctor Who Season 10 Finale

To recap, The Doctor made some uneasy alliances with Missy and The Master in order to defeat an incoming horde of Cybermen manufactured in this very ship they set foot while Bill Potts can't accept the fate that she became one of the Cybermen. Desperate for answers, The Doctor tries to figure out who she is until the explosive attack on Cybermen begins.

Here's the kicker of this tale; The Master killed Missy, The Doctor blows the horde of Cybermen, a Cyberman killed The Doctor, and an ultimate sacrifice made to end this war once and for all. Explosive, isn't it? No, the real kicker is that episode has the proof the viewers need about Bill Potts' "lesbian" status. After the fall and when Bill came out from the shell of the Cyberman, she was reunited by The Pilot, in the form of her friend named Heather, and get this, they kissed, proof that Bill Potts is a lesbian. In return, The Pilot granted Bill the power to become human again and together, the two had the happy ending they deserved but not for The Doctor.

The finale ends when The Doctor is about to regenerate until a sudden encounter of a mysterious person who is none other than...The First Doctor?! What's the first one doing here? Looks like we have to wait until Christmas Day to find out why but in the meantime, one last DW Fan Show webcast before Christmas?

Doctor Who returns for the 2017 Christmas Special this Christmas Day and this will be the final journey for the Peter Capaldi years as well as the Steven Moffat era of this show. Watch for it and see how the 12th Doctor's journey ends.

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