Saturday, July 22, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: Prowling

Forza Horizon 3 isn't more than just sampling the best cars of your choosing, it's about living with the cars from the times you emerged with and if you were kids of the late 90's, you are familiar with America's modern take of the hot rod, the Prowler.

This is Plymouth's preparation for the 21st century of automobile and while it draws inspiration from past hotrods, it features a bespoke body featuring an aluminum space frame because none of their existing materials from their existing lineup would work in the creation of this unique but short-lived roadster. The Prowler I had is an improved version of its 3.5L V6 engine producing 253HP of power while mated to a dismal 4-speed automatic gearbox that doesn't match the performance of European sportscars it faces.

Despite being Plymouth's flagship sports car, the Plymouth brand was discontinued from 2001 and it was sold as a Chrysler Prowler thereafter until the Prowler's production discontinued a year after, with a final limited edition model of 300 cars painted in special Candy Deep Red body color.

The Prowler may be a disaster for Chrysler despite having sealed in a mausoleum as a time capsule somewhere for marketing reasons and the driving feel doesn't match the dynamics of its European opposition but for the sake of nostalgia, there are limitless possibilities of reminiscing the good old days of your youth while driving the Prowler. It may not be enough to create some audience impact when you drive it but when it comes to creativity and originality, you got to hand it over to the guys behind the Prowler and despite being short-lived and being the rarest cars in American roads, it's still a beauty to behold.

While I'm still on my break after all the Horizon Australia glitz and glamour I gave for the cars I've encountered throughout this epic journey, I took the unsung American hero to a night stroll with the kids on the block, giving me the ideal moment to understand how a Prowler shows its first impression.

It may not be a first impression as I hoped for but like a Pink Floyd gig, the Prowler is all about wowing the crowd with its originality that sets the cars apart and it doesn't matter if this car wasn't made to tackle against Europe's finest because even if it's no good, the Prowler still wows the hearts of drivers with its unique impression that has the wink and smile of Charles Bronson on a diner break.

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