Friday, July 28, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: WRX STi vs. The World

Surprised? You might thought that it was the same special WRX STi that I drove before in the festival but by the looks of it, it's different than the specially-prepped STi I made a couple a while back. Look closely what's new with my Subie from side to side.

As you may aware, the S4-themed STi, so literally named because the current VA-spec WRX STi is based from the WRX S4, the one my cousin currently drives everyday, has been changed to accommodate the latest members of S4, as showcased in the current season of Aikatsu Stars. I know, don't try to talk but I hope you'll like the latest redesign for my STi I made just for everyone.

The VA-spec Subaru WRX STi has always been my favorite Subaru since its inception and whether this sports sedan competed in the likes of rallycross or the Nurburgring 24 Hour Race, the one Subaru proudly calls it their home after their WRC stint, it always suits itself to take on any battlefield it desires like a lone ronin without a fierce rival to fight on. I know that the decade-long rivalry between the Subie and the Evo is over because Mitsubishi killed the Evo after its two-decade long presence in the world of street cars, but come on, this Subie still stands and loves to pick on any fight it lands on, whatever lay ahead.

Since I got all of the three areas around us after tackling down a Goliath of a challenges at each area, I decided to give the Subie with a fresh new look a new kind of challenge to pick fights against the world's best but we're not doing it on the Land Down Under just yet because the Subie has to take on places beyond Down Under. Something like...

Blizzard Mountain! With such a snow-filled wonderland, it's the ideal place to see if the STi is as rally-proven as its ancestors. In order for the Subie to accommodate such frigid conditions Blizzard Mountain has to offer, some rally equipment has been made in order to survive such a harsh winter wonderland and with the proper gear, let's see if the Subie loves snow...

So, if the WRX STi enjoys playing snowball fights, how about something a bit more extreme?

Ah! The Hot Wheels Thrilltopia, an orange-track rollercoaster ride that pushes your driving skills to the extreme limit and with the Subie swapped its rally-tuned equipment to a track-tuned equipment enough to take on Thrilltopia's terrifying twists and turns only the bravest can survive, it's now time to see if the Subie can feel the orange-track heat. Ready?

The Subie not just mastered snow but also mastered Hot Wheels! It's incredible that no matter where you put the WRX STi, it just keeps on going until the battle has won and this car really is a defiant one thinking that even with its long-time rival gone, it just feels like it won the battle but even though the WRX STi ended the war between the Subies and the Evos by unanimous decision, there are countless battles this car will face and it never loses the art of war ascended by its ancestors.

So, with the job done, looks like this Subie is ready to head back Down Under to take some rest but there's a welcome home present awaiting for this fierce Subie; a race!

Man, I love this Subie when it takes on all comers it came across the road and no matter the verdict, it will keep on fighting until its last drop.

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