Sunday, July 2, 2017

Horn defeats Pacquiao in controversial Brisbane battle

This is the first time the world champion, Manny Pacquiao, started a fight not in a North American venue but somewhere in the Asia-Pacific, specifically at an outdoor stadium in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, where he faced off against a rising homegrown star and Olympian Jeff "The Hornet" Horn.

This match became a bloodbath for both of the fighters and with both sides took the fall, it became one of the most decisive matches ever witnessed in boxing history and after 12 rounds, these fighters keep on fighting 'till the very end, even with some serious injuries on their heads as well as some internal bleeding occurred, well, mostly for Pacquiao.

In an unexpected turn of events, despite Pacquiao dominated the scoreboards, the winner of the unanimous decision goes to Australia's Jeff Horn. Following Jeff Horn's controversial win, looks like the whole public went on an outcry saying that Horn "robbed" the match from Pacquiao while some call it the boxing equivalent of last year's US Presidential Elections...minus the hacking part. Sorry.

Controversial aside, these fighters did a really good job wowing the crowd with their relentless punches to the very end and even though Pacman lost, he did a really good job proving that age never slowed him down in the sport he really loves and he's comfortable about this...result.

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