Saturday, July 15, 2017

PokeMon The Movie: I Choose You!

It's been two decades since the TV anime adaptation of the PokeMon video game franchise was aired in TV Tokyo since the Spring of 1997 and to commemorate the anime series' 20th anniversary, this year's PokeMon film is a retelling of the original saga, which is named after the very first episode of the show, titled "Pokemon, I Choose You!"

PokeMon The Movie:
I Choose You!

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You (日本名:劇場版ポケットモンスターキミにきめた!), revisits the beginning of an epic journey of Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) and his Pokemon partner Pikachu. Those who saw the first episode of the PokeMon TV series don't mean a darn thing to them but for those who didn't, it's about Ash who is finally old enough to begin his journey as a PokeMon trainer when suddenly, he was too late to get one of the first three PokeMons and instead, he gets an Electric-type Pikachu. Following their disastrous first impressions, the two realized it became the start of their blooming friendship.

Although this film is a retelling of the Indigo League saga, there has been some major changes happened to the tale to put a fresh new twist on the beginning of the tale and while this film features some familiar PokeMons such as Lucario, Piplup, and Ho-oh, as well as new ones such as Sun and Moon's Incineroar and the brand new mythical Pokemon Marshadow but more on that later on. 

Because this is the epic retelling of Ash's first adventure as a PokeMon trainer, it's a welcoming feast for fans and newcomers alike and it doesn't matter if you know the anime series or not because while this film serves as a quick refresher like every anime compilation films do, this film is the ideal introduction to anyone who never watched the first PokeMon episode as well as the whole series. This is important work but for the 90's kids like us, it brings back memories of when we watch the anime show since childhood and this is one of the main reason why we love watching anime shows thanks to this. Whether if its catching PokeMon, battle against Gym Leaders, drive away Team Rocket's dastardly schemes to separate these two, or a nice stroll through new and exciting places, this film is by no means the best fragment of our childhood memories.

Although the retelling of the Indigo League saga is abruptly ruined by some cast changes and others because we want this film to retell just like what the anime series does, this film is one of the best reasons we are fans of Pokemon since two decades ago.

So, now that I explained everything about that film, time to talk about the brand new mythical Pokemon Marshadow and how you can get one. From now until the end of September, a movie ticket grants you a special code to obtain Marshadow for use in Pokemon Sun and Moon games. Capped at Level 50, Marshadow bears the Technician ability which boosts the power of moves with the power rate of 60 and below and features a signature move called Spectral Thief, which allows Marshadow to steal the opponent's stat changes while delivering massive damage to it. With the Marshadium Z crystal, Marshadow can unleash its signature Z-move called Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike. This is a wonderful Pokemon that bears Fighting-and-Ghost type, meaning it can cover up its weaknesses while unleashing some terrifying moves on hapless opponents.

My rating: 4.7 out of 5.

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