Sunday, July 23, 2017

SEAT Ibiza (Typ KJ)

In the world currently flooding with crossovers, there are some city cars that exist for the sole purpose of satisfying today's millennials with its nimble handling, fuel efficiency, small sizing, and tech-savvy features fit enough to accommodate the urban landscape. Such example is the all-new, fifth-generation SEAT Ibiza, and it's time to investigate the latest regeneration of SEAT's compact hatchback that has been in the fray with the likes of the Ford Fiesta, Toyota Vitz, Kia Morning, or even the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa.

2018 Seat Ibiza

Even though Seat insists that this is the fifth-generation model, the all-new Ibiza looks pretty much the same as the previous model it replaces but despite its stale looks, what's underneath is all new and that's how it matters for the all-new Ibiza because like every car in the Volkswagen Group family, the new Ibiza utilizes on the MQB platform, resulting to a dramatic change in dimensions so it's now slightly shorter and wider than the previous model.

2018 Seat Ibiza interior
Even though the car's now slightly shorter than the previous model, the interior is surprisingly above average by compact standards but one thing you do want to watch out for on range-topping variants is the sat-nav system because the new Ibiza is just one of the many cars that declare war on buttons as well as physical media because with a touch-screen gadget with smartphone connectivity and other stuff in store, speedo boys are not safe from driving it because with this sat-nav, it's irreplaceable for the rest of its life and the trend that speedo boys fear of will keep on going in cars of today and the future.  That's the future, speedo boys, but looking back on the interior, the new Ibiza's a very accommodating hatchback indeed thanks to its class-leading interior dimensions and it's surprisingly spacious indeed because the boot space of 355 litres made it the most spacious in its class. That's about putting the interests of occupants first before everything else, am I right?

2018 Seat Ibiza
Because the new Ibiza is now sitting on the MQB A0 platform, which the next VW Polo will use, the new Ibiza feels as lively and high-spirited as any city car should be. In most variants like the range-topping Xcellence variant, it has a very retrospective experience that keeps the occupants as civilized as a salaryman on high noon, but if you forgo for the FR variant, the one with the sport-tuned suspension, one thing you might want to watch out for its stiffness because even though its dynamics are pretty good on the open roads, its city use is not what you called on the safe zone because this is like staying quiet while letting your grandma experience some Smithsonian thrillers all day, all night. Couldn't bear it but there's another thing you want to watch out on the new Ibiza and that is its upgraded Column Electric Power System with electro-mechanical assistance, which makes steering even more dramatic than it was before.

All of the Ibizas for now are powered by a 1.0L petrol engine with different configurations, with 11PS is the highest output offered. Low-powered engines get a 5-speed manual while high-powered engines, including the sporty FR, get a 6-speed manual gearbox. Of course you can expect more engine choices coming soon to the Ibiza, including ones with the 7-speed DSG on it.

2018 Seat Ibiza

Of course, the new Ibiza won't be a certified city car you can take it downtown without a wide array of safety tech and all of these tech are new to the Ibiza, setting a class apart from the competition. With driver drowsiness detection, autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, Stop&Go with ACC and DSG, and the Multi Collision Brake that prevents the case of pile-up crashes on the road, the new Ibiza is well-prepared to take on today's traffic conditions, whatever lay ahead.

The price? The new Ibiza starts at 11,760 Euros plus on-road costs and that makes it one of the healthiest-priced compact hatchbacks on the market today. What impresses the most about the new Ibiza is the sizing, the interior, the tech, and the ride but what not to like about it is when you go for FR, the sporty handling is worth a struggle to accommodate on city roads and the fact that it's now available exclusively as a five-door only, which is better-looking by the way. With the all-new Ibiza, we can expect great things in store for SEAT.

Available colors: Blanco, Azul MediterrĂ¡neo, Gris Pirineos, Negro Midnight, Mystic, Azul Mystery, and Rojo Desire.

Photo: SEAT

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