Sunday, July 9, 2017

Seattle's take on Japan's summer festival

Every summer in Japan, there was this kind of event they do this occasionally called the Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival). Similar to the west's country fair, a typical "natsu matsuri" has people wearing kimonos or yukatas while taking on one venue after another such as catching fishes for fun, buying toys, eating food, and so on. There's so much to love about a typical summer festival happening every summer in Japan.

And that is why America's best place for Asian grocery, Uwajimaya, comes in with this Natsu Matsuri Outdoor Summer Festival, happened at the Uwajimaya Seattle Chinatown branch from the 8th to the 9th of July, 2017. In this event, it has some of the best entertainment offered by the event's guests as well as eating contests and over 15 food booths to whet your appetite for Asian foods.

Think of the Natsu Matsuri in Seattle as a preparation for next weekend's Dragon Fest, which will take place at the Seattle Chinatown District, and just like next weekend's Dragon Fest, this event takes place outdoors so you might want to put some sunscreen before heading off because it's hot outside and you might get a bad case of sunburns. Trust me, it happened to me before.

From Pre-School Choir, Shamisen dance lesson, taiko, curry eating contest, lion dance. The Natsu Matsuri has them all and they even have a Hello Kitty mascot to wave hello and take pictures alongside with a very popular cartoon character from Japan.

Out of all the events I've been in the city of Seattle, I've never been in an event which is as livelier than this Natsu Matsuri, which is more than just the celebration of the best of Asian-American culture but also kept me ready in preparation for next weekend's Dragon Fest. It's mad to call this event a short version of the Dragon Fest but if you've ever been at this weekend's Natsu Matsuri, you get the point that you are engaging yourself through one of the best events Seattle has to offer during the summer holidays.

Check out some pics I took from the event if you may...

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