Thursday, July 27, 2017

Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS - 2018 minor change

Suzuki's SX4 S-CROSS, a fully-imported compact crossover from Europe, has gained a recent minor change and needless to say that even though the facelifted model looks upwardly different than the previous model, it feels pretty much the same as the SX4 we are familiar with, having been on Japanese roads for two years now.

2018 Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS
2018 Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS

So, what's new about the 2018MY Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS? On the outside, it now has a new front design that looks conspicuously similar to, let's just say a BMW X1 or so they say. If you manage to squint your eyes even a tiny bit, you know that it looks very similar to the X1 but that new front grille adds a very dramatic look to the S-CROSS's exterior design because it adds some feel to it that you get from a compact crossover ready for every man for himself. On the inside, there's a hint of piano black paneling on the dashboard for a bit more feel to it as well as some redesigned climate control switches. Either way, it's still as accommodating as the last one and still has decent boot space depending on the seating arrangements as well as its luggage board to store some more.

2018 Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS interior
2018 Suzuki SX4 S-CROSS interior

Of course, you still have the same 1.6L petrol engine as the last time mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox. It delivers a reasonable 117PS of power output and 151Nm of torque, which is the same as last time, but in the case of fuel efficiency, you might want to look away now because the figures have been slightly decreased on around 15.2 (for 4WD models) and 16.2kmpl (for 2WD models). Well, that can't be right, but it's for honest reasons having found out that their old model cheated the fuel efficiency stakes, well as a theory.

Joy of joys, the S-CROSS still has the revolutionary ALLGRIP system for the 4WD model, only this time it comes with the feed forward function that allocates torque to the rear wheels before any slippage can occur. That sounds like an improvement by Suzuki standards and that feels like more than enough to believe for those who are too dynamic, too smart, and too exciting for Suzuki may need to reconsider before trying out the improved S-CROSS for a change.

So, how much is the new S-CROSS now? Suzuki's S-CROSS is now available for just 2,062,800 Yen for the front-wheel drive model up to 2,278,800 Yen for the four-wheel drive model. That sounds like a slight price bump but it remains a bargain for a compact crossover fully imported from Europe.

Available colors: Sphere Blue Pearl, Energetic Red Pearl, Cool White Pearl, and Cosmic Black Pearl Mica.

Photo: Suzuki Motor Corporation

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