Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tokyo Ghoul (2017 film)

If you are unfamiliar with Tokyo Ghoul, this hit manga series is about a young man who became a human-ghost hybrid with the iconic mask we are familiar with while dealing with the supernatural threats among us. It spawned two anime shows, numerous OVA projects, video games, and a stage play, making it a worthy popular franchise in its own right. Thanks to Tokyo Ghoul's hit success, there is now a live-action film which is part of the summer of live-action movie adaptations of this year and there's a lot of talking to be done.

Tokyo Ghoul (2017 film)
This live-action adaptation of the hit anime/manga franchise stars Masataka Kubota as Ken Kaneki, Fumika Shimizu as Toka Kirishima, Yuu Aoi as Rize Kamishiro, Nubuyuki from EXILE as Kotaro Amon, and many other names from the Japanese showbizness. It's directed by Super Star and like the manga it started it all, it''s about Ken who goes out on a date with Rize until he became a bait of Rize's appetizing interests and upon his unknown rescue, Ken transformed into a human-Ghoul hybrid (yes, he's bearing the iconic mask like you saw) and now drawn into a supernatural conflict in our world as the man about a Ghoul.

Reminiscent of those live-action Death Note films witnessed in your high school years, Tokyo Ghoul is a dark and gritty horror film that keeps on getting exciting as the tension builds up through the very end and because most moviegoers in Japan are in a middle of the summer-live-action-movie-adaptation-rush as demonstrated by this, Gintama, Jojo's and Ajin, you can expect that this live-action take on a cult favorite will become the talk of the town to write about it at the end of the day and it is and because the devil's in the details, Tokyo Ghoul really is a fun and exciting film to watch with your mates as you will be intoxicated by the sheer level of intense thrills this man about a Ghoul can do as well as the storyline which is as dark as the winter nights.

Obviously, the crowd's going abuzz over the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film and when it demonstrates is success as a film, you'd better stop using your mobile right now because you'll find others chattering about how awesome this film is and when you talk about Tokyo Ghoul right now, all you will see for the time being is nothing but movie tickets posted by moviegoers to see a man about a Ghoul.

My rating: 4 out of 5.

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