Thursday, July 6, 2017

Toyota Noah/VoxyEsquire - 2018 Minor Change

Toyota's minivan triplets, the family-oriented Noah, the strikingly aggressive Voxy, and the upper-class luxury minivan for all, the Esquire, have been given minor facelifts for the 2018 model year and apart from their revised changes mostly on the outside, the true change to these minivans lies to the implementation of Toyota Safety Sense C. More for that later on but first...

2018 Toyota Noah
2018 Toyota Voxy
2018 Toyota Esquire

Let's look at the what's new on the design stakes and because these vans are different to each other despite donning the same specs, the Noah now sports a much conservative, yet stylish design fit for all kinds of soccer moms of all corners of the Japanese household, while the Voxy now became more of a Vellfire look-alike, which explains a lot for a Netz-sold minivan like the Voxy, while the Esquire's Majesta-inspired front design has been made even more luxurious, which sounds okay for a cut-price Alphard of that caliber. Inside, there's nothing new on the similar six-or-seven seater formula, only now that the navigation screen's change as well as the information display on the top center of the dashboard, which is even more vibrant than the previous model.

2018 Toyota Noah interior
2018 Toyota Voxy interior
2018 Toyota Esquire interior

Engine choices remain the same as always as all three minivans still offer a choice of either 2.0L 3ZR-FAE engine and the hybrid model with the 1.8L engine connected to an electric motor and nickel metal battery. On the hybrid model, combined power output is 136PS and fuel economy of 23.8km/L, calculated in JC08 Mode standards. For the 2.0L petrol variant, it produces 152PS of power and 193Nm of torque. It even comes with the idling stop system that cuts off the engine when stop and then starts it again when on the move. Fuel economy is 16.0km/L, again, calculated in JC08 Mode standards.

2018 Toyota Noah
2018 Toyota Voxy
2018 Toyota Esquire
Now, we get to the really important bit as all three minivans receive Toyota Safety Sense C, comprising of Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, and the Automatic High Beam function. Couple that with every known safety tech available on these minivans and the result that these vans will be capable enough to handle today's traffic condition while going on their next road trip from one prefecture after another in this summer escapade. Handy, isn't it?

The 2018 Model Year Toyota Noah and Voxy starts at 2,466,720 Yen for the petrol model while their hybrid variants start at 3,014,280 Yen. The 2018MY Esquire, on the other hand, starts at 2,675,160 Yen for the petrol variant and 3,151,440 Yen for the hybrid variant.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

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