Wednesday, August 2, 2017



Don't let the name fool you because even though you see the word "SCRAPBOOK" on it, because even though it says AIKATSU SCRAPBOOK 01 on it doesn't mean it has some drawings in it, instead, what you have here is another set of songs courtesy from the Photo on Stage app game, for those who just can't get enough for more Photokatsu songs to store in their playlist.

For this latest single, it has three brand new songs you have already listened on the game. The first is called "Sweet Sweet Girls' Talk", followed by キラキラ宣言, and followed by 星空のフロア. These tracks are all made by the girls from AIKATSU☆STARS and STAR☆ANIS and these songs can make great additions to your ever-growing Aikatsu playlist as it prepares for the franchise's 5th anniversary this year.

Aikatsu! Photo on Stage! is available to download now on the Google Play. Contains in-app purchases. Ask your parents first.

01 Sweet Sweet Girls' Talk
02 キラキラ宣言
03 星空のフロア
04 Sweet Sweet Girls' Talk (off vocal)
05 キラキラ宣言 (off vocal)
06 星空のフロア (off vocal)

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