Thursday, August 3, 2017

Daihatsu Move/Subaru Stella (LA150/160) - 2018 minor change

Now on its 2018 model year, the Daihatsu Move and its Subaru Stella counterpart have been given a much-needed facelift, more than enough to introduce the latest upgrade to the Smart Assist system that promises to be its most groundbreaking feat yet for such kei cars while retaining its kei car personality that fits well to the Japanese youth.

2018 Daihatsu Move
2018 Daihatsu Move Custom
2018 Subaru Stella and 2018 Subaru Stella Custom

So, what's new on the outside? On a regular Move or Stella, the front now comes with a new horizontally-shaped grille that now packs some style compared to the pre-facelifted model as well as its new bumper design and some new alloys, not to mentioned a slightly revised rear view. On the Custom variants, that shouty N BOX Custom-esque grille has been replaced with a much simpler design which is a throwback to the previous model's 2013 facelift from five years ago while the foglamps are now almost shaped like an exclamation point just to give a spot-on stance worthy to be a headturner. Also, the rear lamps are now revamped as well as its new and rakishly sharp alloy wheel design. On the inside, you can expect a revised instrumental panel as well as an enlarged 8-inch monitor display on the dashboard for range-topping variants.

2018 Daihatsu Move interior
2018 Daihatsu Move Custom interior
2018 Subaru Stella interior
2018 Subaru Stella Custom interior
Like the pre-facelifted models, they still come with the same 660cc 3-cylinder engine with fuel-efficient measures, CVT, and its "D monocoque" body structure that promises up to 31.0km/L while turbocharged models (Custom only) can get up to 27.4km/L. For 4WD variants, fuel efficiency is 27.6km/L while Custom-exclusive turbocharged variants can get up to 25.6km/L.

Now it's time to get through the heart of the facelifted Move/Stella and that is the brand new "Smart Assist III" and for this upgrade, it uses the world's smallest stereo camera and working in tandem with the sonar sensor, detection on leading vehicles as well as pedestrians have been improved sharply and it's been given Collision Warning Function and Collision Avoidance Support Brake function. Apart from that, the updated Move/Stella comes with Lane Departure Warning system, false start suppression control, forward vehicle start notice function, and auto high beam. There are other safety tech offered in this kei car but lest we leave it for those who want to try it.

Prices start at around 1,112,400 Yen for normal versions while Custom versions, hold on a second. Says here that for the Move Custom starts at 1,371,600 Yen while the Stella Custom, meanwhile, starts at 1,490,400 Yen. That sounds odd for pricing but who cares...

Photo: Subaru/Daihatsu

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