Tuesday, August 1, 2017

FH3 Hot Wheels: Hunter SPECTRE

The Range Rover Sport SVR has been proven to be track-capable and offroad-ready Range Rover ever made for the discerning few and it's been featured in 007: SPECTRE where it met its fate with the snow plane during a snowy pursuit in Austria. If the RR Sport SVR has been proven to do almost everything at its disposal, what would happen if I sent the SVR to the most extreme challenge yet; the Hot Wheels Thrilltopia?

As we know, the Jaguar Land Rover team are very skillful in the art of PR marketing by doing some insane stuff when they launch a new car. They drove a Range Rover through a bridge made out of paper, their new Jag can drive through wires, an F-Pace can do insane loop-the-loops, there are so much insane stuff they ever made in honor of their new cars but for this, the Range Rover Sport SVR, what else to do with it than setting this track-honed sports utility vehicle on the wonderful world of Hot Wheels? Drive it, of course.

At stock, the RR Sport SVR feels pretty good to me, especially when I drove this one round Blizzard Mountain on frigid conditions, but because this is Hot Wheels, is a tough world out there so this hunk of British bulldog needs to get prepared for the worst outcome or else, get left behind in a stomping tantrum of high horsepower. In short, the hunter becomes the hunted. With all that taken care of, the Range Rover Sport prepares for an all-out war with the other SUVs and it's my job to do the impossible for the SVR or my name ain't Hunter SPECTRE. Get it?

Well, not much of a hunter myself but the hunter turned all of its competitors into its prey for tea and for the Range Rover Sport SVR, it managed to do the bold just like all of its relatives in the Jaguar Land Rover lineup done in the past. Needless to say, I want some more of the SVR because this has been one of my favorite SUVs since it got featured in SPECTRE. Like the dinosaur guarding Thrilltopia, this Range Rooney's a primal in every tangible way and it's the ideal SUV to turn the hunters into the hunted so watch out, naughty folks.

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