Friday, August 4, 2017

Let's Do The News! (August 4, 2017)

- President Rodrigo Duterte finally signed the bill granting free tuition in all state universities and colleges. It was confirmed by Deputy Secretary Menardo Guevarra despite the Department of Budget and Management’s cold approach toward the bill due to the amount of fund needed to subsidize the program.

- The Armed Forces of the Philippines intercepted the suspected terrorist plots in some parts of Mindanao. A released statement reassures the public that the AFP has intercepted the information about the terrorist plot, and security plans are underway to counteract any form of any guerrilla attacks.

- Pope Francis "loves China" and a state-run media reported that a Vatican official will visit China in an expression of goodwill despite strained relations between the two. Pope Francis would like to heal a decades-old rift with China, where Catholics are divided between those loyal to him and those who belong to a government-controlled official church.

- A cyber security expert who was part of the effort to eradicate the "WannaCry" ransomware attack earlier this year has been arrested on unrelated hacking charges, according to court documents unsealed on Thursday. A 23-year-old British-born malware researcher named Marcus Hutchins was detained by the FBI in Las Vegas, according to the Department of Justice.

- A fire broke out through one of the world's tallest residential towers in Dubai on Friday. The latest in the series in tall structures in the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf’s tourism and business hub, over the past three years. Flames shot up the sides of the Torch tower in the second blaze to hit the high-rise since two years ago, forcing hundreds of occupants to flee as burning debris showered down the sides of the 1,105 foot (337 metre)-tall, 79-storey structure.

- Geely has completed the formation of two new joint ventures with Volvo Cars to develop the Lynk & Co brand.

- Toyota Motor Corporation to take up small stake in Mazda as they are set to announce plans to build a 1.6 billion US factory as part of their new joint venture, according to reports.

- Meanwhile, Mazda announces restoration services for first-generation Roadster owners.

- Fans of the .hack://G.U. saga will get the closure they've been longing for as the upcoming .hack//G.U. Last Recode game for the PS4 and Steam will feature an untold chapter where Haseo received an email regarding Ovan's whereabouts following a sudden announcement of The World R:2's service termination. Donning his new gear, Haseo is on a race against time to find his friend.

- Voice actress Risa Taneda recovers from treatment and gradually returns to her voice acting work, as confirmed by her agency.


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