Friday, August 11, 2017

Subaru Levorg and WRX S4 - 2018 minor change

Subaru's Levorg and WRX S4, Japan's cut-price answer to Volvo's V60 and S60, is now updated for the 2018 model year and apart from having slight cosmetic and mechanical changes aside, the 2018MY Levorg and WRX S4 introduced us Subaru's brand new version of the award-winning Eyesight safety tech.

2018 Subaru WRX S4
2018 Subaru Levorg

Before explaining more about Subaru's updated version of the Eyesight safety tech. Let's find out what's new on these two, starting on the outside of these cars and as you can see with those redesigned hexagonal-shaped grilles, new front bumpers, and new wheel designs, there is a stark comparison between these two relatives and whereas the Levorg is designed as a comfortable day-to-day car for work and for leisure, the WRX S4 is designed to be as sporty as its hi-po derivative.

2018 Subaru WRX S4 interior
2018 Subaru Levorg interior
On the inside, both the WRX S4 and the Levorg comes with the new, larger high-definition multi-function display, as well as the new auto climate control on the dashboard to keep it fresh and accommodating for both of these models. Seats aside, both the WRX S4 and the Levorg features Ultrasuede, a suede-like artificial leather made by Toray, intertwining bundled ultrafine fibers, giving these interiors a touch of class. It even comes with the driver's seat position memory function that can memorize up to four seating positions, giving occupants a customized seating position comfortable enough for the long journey ahead.

2018 Subaru WRX S4
2018 Subaru Levorg
Under the hood, both models do come with the same 300PS 2.0L DIT boxer-four engine mated to a LINEARTRONIC CVT and SI-DRIVE which promises 13.2km/L of fuel efficiency based on JC08 Mode standards and improved driving feel because of the tinkering of the dynamics. In the Levorg, though, it still offers a entry-level 1.6L turbocharged boxer engine with 16.0km/L of fuel efficiency.

Now, we get to the real part of these two updated models in terms of safety and for the new 2018MY WRX S4 and Levorg comes Eyesight Touring Assist. Improving the safety credentials of their award-winning safety tech, Eyesight Touring Assist operates by using Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Tracing Control and a stereo camera to monitor lane markings as well as vehicles ahead of the car, greatly reducing the driver burden by taking control of acceleration, braking, and steering while traveling on highways. In other words, these can make the WRX S4 and Levorg drive by themselves, which is surprising and awkward among Subarists.

So, now that we get to know about Subaru's new Eyesight Touring Assist, what do you think? Is this tech predicting the future of Subarus or it means something more? Whatever it is, new tech aside, the new WRX S4 and the new Levorg are trying to play "top trumps" against Volvo's S60 and V60, although even with the upgrades, these Volvo's can still mince these two because of the performance but in terms of pricing, especially when the Levorg starts at 2,829,600 Japanese Yen and the WRX S4 starts at 3,369,600 Yen, they're great value for money for a change. So there you have it, with these new tech and features, both these new Subaru models may never make the grade against its Volvo rivals due to its performance but when it comes to get ready in today's traffic conditions, their new Eyesight Touring Assist is right here when they need it the most.

Photo: Subaru Corporation

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