Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Torchwood: The Dying Room

Big Finish Productions continues to unearth some of the hidden Torchwood archives that never saw the light of day as full-cast audio drama CDs so fans of the hit Doctor Who spinoff can get the same experience as they got from the hit BBC TV series. 2017 promises to bring more Torchwood audio dramas as part of their ongoing efforts to celebrate Torchwood's 10th anniversary since October 2006.

Torchwood: The Dying Room

History has been littered with unexplained cases and only a secret organization known as Torchwood can explain the phenomena that poses a grave threat to the human race. Enter Paris, France, during the Second World War, and as chaos ensues in the city occupied by the Nazis, there's a mysterious plague ravaged through the streets, turning humans into mutants. With only one night to stop the outbreak, an investigator named Herr Grau is on the race against time to unravel the conspiracy that will forever changed the so-called "city of death."

This new installment stars Simon Russel Deale as M LeDuc, Mark Elstob as Herr Grau, and Emma Cunniffe as Madame Berber, among many others. It's produced by James Goss, and script edited by David Llewellyn.

Like The Playhouse a while back, this installment is more of an uncanonized addition, bearing no connection to the real Torchwood saga, but keeping it true to the Torchwood tradition, this installment will keep them hanging from start to finish and all that suspense, horror, and thriller molded into one unique masterpiece that you can only expect from the world of Torchwood.

From a darker storyline, darker cast of characters, and classic Torchwood moments, despite its originality that bears no resemblance to the whole Torchwood gimmick, it's a fair say that The Dying Room is what makes us believe in Torchwood for the rest of our lives.

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