Saturday, June 17, 2017


Nintendo's first-ever fighting game made specifically for the brand-new Switch, called ARMS, rewrites everything they think about fighting games and with the newest addition to the Nintendo family takes advantage of the new JoyCon peripheral, having just one pair isn't enough because you're going to need more to deliver its party piece for the newest Nintendo fighting game.


ARMS, so what is ARMS? Nintendo calls it "the first fighting game of its kind" and players are ready to fight like never before as they can fight as different cast of fighters, including Spring Man and Ribbon Girl, and equip them with numerous kinds of ARMS that can turn the tide of the battle. They can only bring three different ARMS to a match and can be swapped during rounds and take note, each ARMS have different attributes such as fire, lightning, or wind. They will have to charge them up during a match and unleash its massive firepower to blow the competition away. Best of all, you can either collect new ones or upgrade existing ones. This means that ARMS isn't just a fighting game because it takes strategy to master different kinds of characters and ARMS to take on skilled players worldwide in various battle modes and show them who's the boss.

In ARMS, you can fight against other players in either 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2, or different kinds of games such as volleyball, basketball, target shooting, and many more. Or, you can get to know more about the characters in Grand Prix mode where players take on seven levels of difficulty and 10 matches each to prove that they deserve the title. In terms of playing online, they can either fight for fun in Party Match or fight for real in Ranked Match.

Just to take note, before the Switch's paid online subscription kicks off next year, best to play its online features at no cost for such a limited time, just so you can understand its online multiplayer gameplay better before you're going to charge some to play multiplayer online.

As a game made specifically for the Switch, ARMS offers different play styles but most importantly is using a pair of JoyCons courtesy of the Thumbs-up Grip because with the pair set, players can punch, move, grab, guard, or unleash Rush attacks by the way you move those JoyCons. In addition to the Thumbs-up Grip, ARMS allows players to play the game in various play styles depending on the controllers and layouts.

So, what can I say about ARMS? Taking advantage of the Nintendo Switch, this game is all about taking on all-comers wherever you go and because you are going to need a pair of JoyCons to unleash the ultimate ARMS experience, you should need some more to bring out its party piece because ARMS is more than just a fighting game, it's a party game where you can spend your time with your mates punching each other for the win and that really is the party piece ARMS is all about. Best of all, it's a fun, family-friendly alternative to those hard hitting fighting games your big bro and big sis are familiar with so you can challenge your whole family with the game of ARMS, making it the perfect family night idea after a long, strenuous day. Like I said, it really is a party piece and kudos to Nintendo to create a fun fighting game for all ages to enjoy anyway they like.

Disney-Pixar's Cars 3

Lightning McQueen returns for the biggest race for this life as the third installment of Disney-Pixar's Cars film is finally on the grid in time for race weekend and for this film, McQueen is trying to settle the score against newer and modernized racecars, including his most fearsome foe yet, Jackson Storm.

Disney-Pixar's Cars 3

As this year's Piston Cup now features next-generation racing cars, including the likes of newcomer Storm (played by Armie Hammer) himself, everything McQueen (played by Owen Wilson) know about the sport he loves will forever change following his sudden downfall during a race. Reluctant to end his long-running career in racing, McQueen seeks advice to an aspiring race technician known as Cruz Ramirez (played by Cristela Alonzo). Sharing common goals, they set off on a cross-country trip to regain his damaged morale. During their cross-country trip, McQueen will later do something that he never done before; go on a demolition derby. That sounds scary but if he really want to defeat Storm, he has no choice trying it out before returning to the circuit to settle the scores and finish what he started.

In addition to Wilson, Hammer, and Alonzo donning voices, Cars 3 brings back Larry The Cable Guy as Tow Mater, Bonnie Hunt as Sally, Cheech Marin as Ramone, Michael Wallis as Sheriff, and Paul Dooley as Sarge, among many others.

Past Cars installments have been proven to be a family-friendly alternative to some car action films we are familiar with but for Cars 3, it finally shows its darker side to McQueen's tale and if by "darker", it really is because with all the intense rivalry, the demolition derby, and what's happening to Lightning McQueen, this film finally came to its senses and you can really feel the rage boiling through its storyline that sets them apart from the past installments. While this film boils the fire within, there's still some sense of humor that makes Cars 3 a fun film for the whole family and there are some life lessons to be learned while trying to relate this film to their daily lives; rivalry, defiance, determination, and the moxie to overcome all odds in darkest of times.

Finally, Disney and Pixar landed on the master stroke with Cars 3 and while this is not ideally the best car movie to watch for car enthusiasts like you and I due to its cartoonish nature, its fiery storytelling, memorable cast of characters, and its classic Disney chemistry will make this another instant classic from the wonderful world of Disney.

My rating: 4.4 out of 5.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Let's Do The News! (June 16, 2017)

- The Department of Health announces decline in number of Dengue cases during the commemoration of ASEAN Dengue Day. DOH Sec. Paulyn Ubial said the agency has recorded 35,973 dengue cases nationwide from January until May 20, 2017 and 207 casualties. That's less than the 52,780 cases of the same months last year.

- The Metro Rail Transit Line 3 has resumed its normal operation after it underwent inspection due to the problem in its axles.

- Parts of Luzon experienced hailstorms following the thunderstorm advisory released by PAGASA. This rare weather phenomenon was experienced around 4PM Thursday in some areas in Quezon City and Nueva Ecija.

- US President Donald Trump's efforts to pressure people to tell the world that he is not under investigation has itself put him under investigation for obstruction of justice as the Special Counsel overseeing the investigation into Russia's role in last year's elections and interviewing senior intelligence officials to determine whether Trump attempted to obstruct justice.

- The second round of the Nuclear Disarmament Talks by the UN General Assembly has began with the draft resolution as the basis for their legally-binding treaty that will ban nuclear weapons once and for all. Members are expected to finalize the treaty by the 7th of July.

- Australian comedienne Rebel Wilson won the defamation suit against a global magazine publisher after the Victorian Supreme Court found a series of articles alleging she was a serial liar had damaged her career, according to reports.

- Floyd Mayweather Jr. agrees to take on MMA lightweight champion Conor McGregor for a boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, on the 26th of August.

- Lexus's CT hybrid hatchback has been given another minor change for the 2018 model year and it adds Lexus Safety System +.

- The fourth Yo-Kai Watch film has officially unveiled and its title is Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: Oni-ō no Fukkatsu. Coming in cinemas this December 16, this fourth Yo-Kai Watch film is set thirty years after the main story and it will feature three new human characters bearing Yo-Kai Watches and new forms from your favorite Yo-Kai characters to expect in the film while dealing with the new storyline that involves saving the world from an imminent danger.

- Reports told that Konami is blacklisting former employees in the Japanese video game industry. Reports cited a staffing agency employee as a source, saying that the employee alerts gaming companies if a potential hire is a former Konami employee, due to Konami allegedly filing complains against companies that hire its former employees.

- Toyota's 86 sports coupe set a new drifting world record of 165.04km, verified by the Guinness World Record.

- Check out the first trailer for the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin, hitting theaters this fall (October 13).

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: Driving Miss Sally

Oh yeah, since Cars 3 is just around us, this week's Forzathon stars the car that inspired Sally from the movie, the 996-spec Porsche 911, in GT3 guise for the driver who demands more 911s like this.

Designed for the traditionalists, the 996-spec Porsche 911 GT3 balances its track-honed capabilities with practicality fit for normal use, although practicality isn't best sums it up for the GT3. Under the hood lies the legendary 3.6L flat-six engine producing 380HP of power and 285lb-ft of torque while mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. It does 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds and onwards to 190mph (306kph). Contributing to this 911 GT3 is weight-saving measures resulted to its 3,043lbs of weight as well as streamlining of the car's body that provides better aerodynamics precise enough to cool its brakes.

Okay, enough rambling about the 996-spec 911 GT3 right now, let's take it to Hot Wheels Thrilltopia to see if this is a great Porsche 911 during the time Bush ruined the world or else I should start calling it Sally. You know, from Cars.

With that performance like this, I should rule out calling you Sally because you really are one of the best Porsches ever made from the last decade.

Forza Horizon 3: A real American Le Mans hero

Le Mans weekend is upon us and it might be the ideal time to take a trip back memory lane on the real American hero that trumped Ferrari in their own game five decades ago. This is the Ford GT40, a real American Le Mans hero.

More specific, it's the GT40 Mk.II that deserved the credit of Henry Ford's ambition to create a car that will humiliate Enzo Ferrari in Le Mans and it did with a crushing 1-2-3 finishing blow at the 1966 Le Mans endurance race. If it weren't for the likes of Carroll Shelby, the 7.0L V8 engine producing 485HP of power, the 4-speed gearbox made specifically for this engine, and the other American and European heroes involved in the development of the Mk.II GT40, Ford wouldn't succeed in the fight against Ferrari 50 years ago and because of the success of the GT40, the Americans are now part of the battle for global motorsport dominance.

Looking back fifty years ago and witnessed history repeated with the modern Ford GT, it's a fair say that the legendary Ford GT40 is too legendary to be forgotten by many car enthusiasts and its importance in America's involvement in motorsport inspired the American Big Three to do the same in various motorsports no matter how good or bad they perform. I may be awestruck by the remarkable achievement Ford has ever done to create a racing machine that can beat Ferrari in Le Mans but this is no time to ramble more about it because...'s time to call on other drivers who have taste among vintage racers and see if the Ford GT40 lives up to its legend while donning a racing livery familiar to petrolheads and historians alike because this car isn't about being born for history. It was born to MAKE history. A real history maker, get it?

Even in the Australian fantasy land, this GT40 sure knows how to make history just like what it did back in 1966 at Le Mans. Man, it's great to be a Le Mans fan of some sorts and I've never felt so pumped up getting ready to witness this weekend's Le Mans.

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: Detainee Warmbier released on humanitarian grounds

North Korea says they released American citizen Otto Warmbier on "humanitarian ground" after he had been held prisoner for 17 months.

Warmbier, 22, a University of Virginia student from suburban Cincinnati, was medically evacuated to the United States on Wednesday. His family said he arrived in a state of coma.

His release came after Joseph Yun, the U.S. State Department’s special envoy on North Korea, traveled to Pyongyang and demanded Warmbier’s release on “humanitarian grounds,” capping a flurry of secret diplomatic contacts, a U.S. official said.

Warmbier was detained in January of last year and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in March last year for trying to steal an item with a propaganda slogan, according to North Korean media.

Reports quoted a senior US official as saying Washington recently received intel that Warmbier had been repeatedly beaten in custody. His family said they were told by N. Korean officials that Warmbier fell ill from botulism some time after last year's trial and lapsed into a coma after taking a sleeping pill, according to reports.

Source: Reuters

Let's Do The News! (June 15, 2017)

- The Philippine military states that they've arrested one of the members of the IS-backed Maute group. Mohammad Noaim Maute was arrested at a checkpoint near the coastal city of Cagayan de Oro just after dawn, said Lt Col Jo-Ar Herrera, a military spokesman.

- Meanwhile, two relatives of the Maute brothers were killed in an ambush in Lanao Del Sur last week. The victims were identified as Aliasgar Maute, and his brother Zulkifli Maute.  The two were arrested together with the ‘Maute Matriarch’, Farhana.

- The man suspected of opening fire on Republican lawmakers during a game of baseball on Wednesday raged against US President Donald Trump on social media and idolized Bernie Sanders, who he saw as the only politician who understood the working class. The suspect identified as James T. Hodgkinson from St. Louis, Belleville, Illinois. Records showed he was a 66-year-old home inspector. He died from injuries sustained in a shoot-out with Capitol Hill police who were at the scene in Alexandria, Virginia.

- The Philippine Embassy to London confirmed that a Filipino baby was one of the victims in the Grenfell Tower fire in West London. According to the Consul General, the infant was seven months-old and inhaled some smoke from the fire, causing it to feel light-hearted.

- Audi's R8 V10 Spyder now comes with the more powerful plus variant with 610HP from its 5.2L V10 engine.

- The new Jaguar XF Sportbrake was unveiled, adding some extra boot space to the second-generation Jaguar XF.

- The McLaren 570S is now available in the new open-top Spider variant.

- Konami's Metal Gear Survive game reportedly delayed to Early 2018.

- Check out the intro sequence for the upcoming Disney's DuckTales reboot series, premiering with a one-hour special this August 12, followed by the series premiere of two new episodes on the 23rd of September on Disney XD.


Torchwood: torchwood_cascade_CDRIP.tor

Big Finish Productions continues to unearth some of the hidden Torchwood archives that never saw the light of day as full-cast audio drama CDs so fans of the hit Doctor Who spinoff can get the same experience as they got from the hit BBC TV series. 2017 promises to bring more Torchwood audio dramas as part of their ongoing efforts to celebrate Torchwood's 10th anniversary since October 2006.

Torchwood: torchwood_cascade_CDRIP.tor

Fans of the hit BBC TV Series already got hooked on the untold case of computer genius Toshiko Sato (played by Naoko Mori) back in the Zone 10 audio drama last year and now, Tosh returns for another untold case which now involves...the deadly consequences of online piracy.

Since the emergence of the internet, online piracy became a rampant outbreak in the digital world and to date, more and more people are illegally downloading movies, music, games, even TV shows, on the internet. In the case of Torchwood operative Toshiko Sato, unauthorized online piracy DO come with a deadly price which involves the lives of whoever downloaded something illegally.

This dystopian take on online piracy is something the fans should be worrying about and in torchwood_cascade_CDRIP.tor, this terrifying addition to Big Finish's Torchwood audio drama CD lineup will shock everyone with its dark, twisted, and dystopic taste with a fair lesson to learn about illegal downloads and its deadly consequences. While this installment terrifies the listeners about the consequences of online piracy, the classic Torchwood recipe continues to flow in every chapter of this installment with all the explosive thrills, spills, and chills in store for Tosh and the other characters, bringing torchwood_cascade_CDRIP.tor a must-listen for Torchwood fans.

While this story delivers a much scary take on a rampant internet trend, all the classic Tosh action is embodied in this audio drama that you can only expect from the world according to Torchwood.

Torchwood: Corpse Day

Big Finish Productions continues to unearth some of the hidden Torchwood archives that never saw the light of day as full-cast audio drama CDs so fans of the hit Doctor Who spinoff can get the same experience as they got from the hit BBC TV series. 2017 promises to bring more Torchwood audio dramas as part of their ongoing efforts to celebrate Torchwood's 10th anniversary since October 2006.

Torchwood: Corpse Day

Dr. Owen Harper (played by Burn Gorman) is a wisecracking medical specialist who likes to poke fun with the Torchwood Cardiff team until his death and resurrection (as demonstrated from Series 2 episodes such as Reset, Dead Man Walking, and A Day In the Death), rethinked his life and times as a Torchwood operative and in this never-before-told tale focused on our favorite medical specialist, it's time for the dead man to tell a tale once more.

Corpse Day is the day when the local constabulary seek assistance on dead cases from Torchwood and for PC Andy Davidson (played by Tom Price), a good friend of Gwen Cooper during her WPC days, he's grateful that for this year, he was volunteered to be a liaison for none other than, you guessed it, Dr. Owen Harper. However, in Owen's case, it feels like death cannot die, and for a dead man like him, this day feels like any other.

Hearing Tom Price and Burn Gorman in this installment is like you are jumping through a buddy cop flick at the start but when the case of grizzly murders kicked in, it transforms into a full-on gory horror experience that it won't really go easy on the listeners and long-time fans alike and in true Torchwood tradition, Corpse Day is a very special feast for the fans who just can't get enough of Owen as much as his on-screen antics from the last decade. 

More than that, this audio drama with a much gory outlook that became part of the Torchwood lore for a decade is more than enough to give themselves a "rat jam." Get it?

Torchwood: The Dollhouse

Big Finish Productions continues to unearth some of the hidden Torchwood archives that never saw the light of day as full-cast audio drama CDs so fans of the hit Doctor Who spinoff can get the same experience as they got from the hit BBC TV series. 2017 promises to bring more Torchwood audio dramas as part of their ongoing efforts to celebrate Torchwood's 10th anniversary since October 2006.

Torchwood: The Dollhouse

Long before the battle of Canary Wharf (known as Doomsday) that witnessed the downfall of Torchwood London, before Torchwood Cardiff emerged under the rule of Captain Jack Harkness, before everything you know about this secret organization that is "outside the government, beyond the police and the United Nations", there were three unsung heroines became involved in the alien mystery spelunking that became the template from this planet. Meet Torchwood Los Angeles.

It's the 1970's, the decade that witnessed US President Richard Nixon's resignation, the global energy crisis, and so on, Marlow Sweet (Laila Pyne), Charley Du Bujeau (Kelly-Anne Lyons), and Gabi Martinez (Ajjaz Awad) arrived in the city of angles to find new life and while this vibrant Californian city has some glitz and glamor in store, this city lies a dark secret where it will put three young girls to the test.

This is an all-new storyline written by Juno Dawson and while this installment has some originality unheard of in the Doctor Who franchise, it feels like it's connected to the original Torchwood storyline while delivering a fresher take on the secret organization we are now familiar with.

With all those alien stuff, youth life, drama, suspense, and thriller, The Dollhouse sets apart from all the other Torchwood installments Big Finish has to offer while evoking the spirit of the hit spin-off series that became as relevant as today's world affairs.

Torchwood: Visiting Hours

Big Finish Productions continues to unearth some of the hidden Torchwood archives that never saw the light of day as full-cast audio drama CDs so fans of the hit Doctor Who spinoff can get the same experience as they got from the hit BBC TV series. 2017 promises to bring more Torchwood audio dramas as part of their ongoing efforts to celebrate Torchwood's 10th anniversary since October 2006.

Torchwood: Visiting Hours

For the latest installment in the long line of Torchwood audio drama CDs, Rhys Williams (played by Kai Owen), the boyfriend turned husband of Gwen Cooper, takes on what's going on inside St. Helen's Hospital and his visit with his mother Brenda became a living nightmare they will face inside the hospital.

St. Helen's Hospital has been faced with series of unexplainable events following numerous people inside keep dying of natural causes every night and their bodies disappeared without a trace. Rhys comes to the hospital to visit his mam, Brenda, who had her hip replacement finished but the visit has became nightmare and with no one else around them, all that Rhys and his mam hope is to survive the night until the mystery at St. Helen's is unearthened.

This audio drama has a blend of horror and mystery in a Torchwood kind of way and while this is plainly moderate at first, the terror it blends on this latest Torchwood audio drama keeps on lingering until the very end and it feels like you're living in a nightmare full of monsters while trying to survive the night. Best be told, never try to listen to this one in the dead of night because of the terror waiting to unleash in every chapter but if you're brave enough to survive the night, this Torchwood audio drama will hit you with everything it got.

Aikatsu Stars! no Ongaku 01

Premiered last April 2016 on TV Tokyo, Aikatsu Stars! is an all new adventure that is separate from the original Aikatsu and it centers on the life and times of a girl named Yume Nijino who attends at the Yotsuboshi Gakuin to become the best idol in the school. Little girls across Japan have been tuning in every Thursday nights for more of Yume Nijino and the others as well as being part of the Aikatsu Stars experience via the Data Carddass game from Bandai. Because it's been a year passed since the show began, the original soundtrack of Aikatsu Stars has arrived for nostalgic pleasure.

Aikatsu Stars! no Ongaku 01

This two-disc compilation features the songs and score from not just the first season of the TV series but also the Data Carddass game inspired from, including TV-sized versions of the show's opening and closing theme songs as heard from the TV series. For an added bonus, there's the Christmas song as heard from Episode 37 of the series, titled We wish you a merry Christmas AIKATSU☆STARS!ver.

While supplies last, this original soundtrack comes with the special Lemon Creme Skirt card for use in the Aikatsu Stars DATA CARDDASS game, just a way of saying thanks and keep on watching Aikatsu Stars, which is now on its second season airing every Thursday nights on TV Tokyo.


Disc 1
15:This is Rock!!
18:S4 TV~キラキラするのがお仕事です
32:Let's Dancing!

Disc 2
01:1, 2, Sing for You!(TV-size)
05:オーディション スタート!
12:四ツ星学園祭 後夜祭
14:ノー モア ネガティブ!
34:スタートライン! ~Next Stage Ver.~
38:episode Solo(TV-size)
39:So Beautiful Story(TV-size)
40:We wish you a merry Christmas AIKATSU☆STARS! Ver.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2017 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup - Pocono 400

Sunday's NASCAR Monster Energy Cup race in Pocono has became one heck of a close-combat match between whose going to take the checkered flag at the end of the race and with thrills like this, petrolheads of America are surely want to see more NASCAR action like this.

At the end of Lap 50, Kyle Busch cleared Stage One while in Lap 56, someone missed a gear change and that's the #88 with Dale Earnhardt Jr. behind the wheel. In Lap 95, Jimmie Johnson slams the wall in Pocono while struggling to turn left during the heavy impact.while Jamie McMurray's #1 car caught in flames. In Lap 99, at the end of Stage 2, Keselowski almost turned Chase Elliot while in Lap 150, the heated catch-up between Ryan Blaney and Kevin Harvick is just too darn hot to miss and in the end, Ryan Blaney wins the Pocono 400 race.

Next race is on Michigan on the 18th of June.

Renault Koleos II

Renault's first crossover SUV, the Koleos, is now on its second-generation and it's now larger, roomier, and more luxurious than the old Koleos it replaces while most of the modern-day Renault DNA has been injected inside and out so you might expect that this is just another Renault with the same look as the other new Renaults from the range but it's too early to tell about it until later. So, what's it all about?

2017 Renault Koleos
It's hardly almost a decade passed since Renault introduced its first ever 4x4 crossover to the world and for this second-generation Koleos, it's ready to mark a new beginning for Renault's first crossover in the lineup with new design, new interior, and new features that will keep it competitive in today's conditions. As mentioned earlier, most of the modern-day Renault DNA has been injected inside and out so you will notice that it dons the same exterior cues from the Espace, Talisman, Scenic, and Megane. As on the inside...

2017 Renault Koleos interior

Renault's becoming the French equivalent of BMW because like Bimmers, the Renaults of today are donning the same new interior look and pretty soon, most Renaults will don the same interior over and and over again but what's that really for?  Cost-saving measures? No one ever know but onto the subject of being larger than the old Koleos, seating for five people still holds but it's surprisingly roomier than the old Koleos as well as the boot space good enough for all those open spaces. In addition to that, offers luxury car features in a not-so-expensive crossover such as BOSE Surround Sound System and it even comes with Renault's R-Link 2 that comes with smartphone connectivity that works well with your iPhones and Androids courtesy of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2017 Renault Koleos

The new Koleos is powered by an all-diesel lineup consisting of a 1.6L and a 2.0L Energy dCi engine with 175PS of power and 380Nm of torque with CO2 emissions of 156g/km. They are mated with either a 6-speed manual gearbox and an XTRONIC CVT sourced from Nissan. Because the new Koleos uses the same underpinnings from the Nissan X-TRAIL, it comes with ALL-MODE 4x4-i made to tackle any surface and weather with ease. With settings like AUTO, LOCK, and 2WD, this system makes the new Koleos to adapt through any road conditions no matter the weather and due to its new platform which is a joint effort of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, it feels very moderate to drive on the road.

2017 Renault Koleos

Active Emergency Braking System, Lane Departure Warning, Safe Distance Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, Blind Sport Warning, Tiredness Detection, rear view camera, Automatic High/Low Beam headlines, parking sensors, and Easy Park Assist, these are some of the safety features the new Koleos has to offer and it can be controlled via the R-Link 2 tablet on the dashboard. This is like usual formation for Europe's cars because it's EU regulation for most cars to come ready with safety tech and why would anyone care about it anyhow.

The new Renault Koleos starts at 29,900 Euros while the more luxurious Initiale Paris variant, with special luxurious equipment on it and exclusive colors, costs 41,400 plus on-road costs. So, while the design is plain stale for a modern-day Renault, the new Koleos is a big step for the crossover market and with the ALL-MODE 4x4-i system, R-Link 2, and larger dimensions, expect some healthy reception about the newly regenerated crossover from Renault.

Photo: Renault

Let's Do The News! (June 14, 2017)

- The Department of Justice is pressing rebellion charges against 11 individuals in Marawi City, including the mother of the Maute brothers, Farhana, and former Marawi Mayor Fajad Salic.

- Some college students from the University of Eastern Philippines were irked instead of being thankful with the government's free tuition. A certain student said that instead of having less to pay, they now face additional payments for this school year.

- A huge fire broke out in a 27-floor block of flats in central London and British police said people were being treated for injuries and residents were being evacuated.

- US President Donald Trump considers ousting Robert Mueller from the special counsel and activist group Common Cause demands the Congress to name an independent commission whether or not Trump fires Mueller.

- The jury deciding Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial adjourned after 16 hours of deliberations over 1 and a half days failed to reach the verdict. The Norristown jurors reviewed the entertainer’s account as well as that of his accuser during a long day on Tuesday. Several members of the jury of seven men and five women looked exhausted as they filed into court around 9:20 p.m. to be dismissed for the night.

- New Nintendo news came fresh from the E3 2017 event such as a new Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga game, new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC, Metroid: Samus Returns game for 3DS, new Kirby game for Switch, Fire Emblem Musou, Super Mario Odyssey, new Yoshi game for Switch, and more...

- All 80 examples of the Koenigsegg Regera hypercar has officially sold out.

- Aston Martin's new V12 Vantage AMR will be the most powerful Vantage ever built with 595HP of power produced from its 6.0L V12 engine tweaked for this special machine.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage AMR

- The new BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo has been unveiled and serves as the replacement to the old 5-Series Gran Turismo with fastback styling.

2018 BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo

- Riko Sakurauchi from Love Live Sunshine, in her Kimino Kokorowa Kagayaiterukai costume glory, is the next to receive the DreamTech figure treatment. It arrives this December 2017 and priced at 14,800 Yen plus tax and delivery.

DreamTech Riko Sakurauchi

- Surprise! The brand new opening sequence for the upcoming season of Disney's Star vs. The Forces of Evil was unveiled during the Annecy Animation Festival.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: Dennis Rodman to visit North Korea

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is expected to visit North Korea tomorrow for a trip the State Department said was not an official US visit.

Rodman, who first met with Kim Jong-un on previous trips to Pyongyang and called him "awesome" declined to answer questions when he was seen by reporters at the Beijing International Airport.

Rodman's representatives didn't respond for that matter and he defended his travels, saying in an interview years ago they would help "open the door" to North Korea.

Source: Reuters

Let's Do The News! (June 13, 2017)

- The mother of the Maute brothers is set to be transported after CDO inquest proceedings for her rebellion case. Farhana is the mother of Omar and Abdullah, the founders of the Maute Terrorist Group while their father, Cayamora, was directly transported in Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig after being arrested in Davao.

- Light to moderate rains to experience in eastern Visayas, Caraga, Davao, and SOCCSKSARGEN.

- The Department of Information and Communications Technology abolished the fear of the public that the BPI's systems been hacked.

- Panama established formal diplomatic ties with China and broke with Taiwan in a major victory for Beijing that bolsters its claims of sovereignty over what it regards as a renegade island.

- A package exploded at South Korea's Yonsei University in Central Seoul, injuring a staff member who opened it in his office. News reports told that the blast sent small bolt nails flying from the package. It said the engineering faculty member was not seriously injured, suffering burns to his arm, and was being treated at the university hospital.

- Hyundai unveiled their first ever compact crossover called the Kona.

- Citroen unveiled the C3 Aircross, their newest compact crossover which is part of the French carmaker's ambitious SUV offensive.

- Julie Andrews will not appear in the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns movie, according to the film's director.

- Gran Turismo Sport will launch to the Playstation4 this autumn 2017.

- your name.'s director Makoto Shinkai denies his alleged affair with the editor, according to reports.

- In time for her birthday, the final addition to the Love Live! Sunshine!! Nendoroid range, Mari Ohara, has been unveiled! It's available to order starting at 3,241 Yen plus taxes and delivery and arrives this November.


Golden State Warriors win 2017 NBA Finals

For the first time in NBA history, the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers faced each other at the NBA finals for the third time. There is no such team rivalry in history that they will face against each other again and again for the third time until now and while both teams won their championship titles in the past, the third time they face each other in this year's NBA Finals had been the most intense rivalry ever crafted in the history of NBA.

In the first three games, the Warriors almost dominated every quarter against the Cavaliers, but when Game 4 came, the luck has changed in favor of the Cavaliers. Now in Game 5, both teams are going to finish it by themselves.

In the first quarter, thanks to their merciless three point throws, interceptions, and blocks, the Cavaliers lead at the score of 37 to 33, but when the second quarter hits, the Warriors are coming back alive, especially ace players like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, and despite single-digit gaps, they keep on fighting until at the end of the fourth quarter; where the winner is decided. Yep, it's the Warriors that finished the match against the Cavaliers at the final score of 129-120.

This is their second championship win in three years and this is a definitive proof that the Dubnation show their "strength in numbers."


Fun with the Yo-Kai Watch Dream toy

If you are very busy with the hit anime series based on Level 5's hit video game franchise, Yo-Kai Watch, you may have strongly familiar with the gadget the show's main character Keita Amano (Nate Adams) wears which is none other than the Yo-Kai Watch.

Throughout the show, Keita has wore different versions of the Yo-Kai Watch from the first one when the show began three years ago, the Zero model we saw in the Yo-Kai Watch 2 games, most importantly the one in the movie Keizou Amano (Nathaniel Adams) wore before handing it over to the would-be grandson at the end of the film, the U Prototype ringing new tribe songs and the fact that another Yo-Kai Watch user has one by the name of Inaho Misora, and now this...

Welcome everyone to the Yo-Kai Watch DREAM, the current Yo-Kai Watch model our main character is wearing from the TV series as well as the Yo-Kai Watch 3 games. The folks from BANDAI made a replica of the latest Yo-Kai Watch model Keita wore in the show and it became a must have for every Japanese kids' birthday present (or Christmas).

If you're in Japan and if you're looking for this kind of Yo-Kai Watch toy, it's hard to guess how much is this because on the official website, it's "PRICE ON APPLICATION" so you only need to request to the merchant how much this is. Long time ago, the first two Yo-Kai Watches, the original and the Zero, costs you 3,200 Yen plus tax, while the Yo-Kai Watch U Prototype costs you 4,200 Yen plus tax. Whatever this is, it's hard to guess how much this costs so it's everyone's guess.

Anyway, let's have a look at this Yo-Kai Watch DREAM toy...

Now that's some golden touch to the familiar design we love when we first fall in love with the Yo-Kai Watch.

This strap has a nice American theme to it. Perhaps no wonder the Yo-Kai Watch story enters the age of the American Yo-Kais such as Tomnyan, the KK Brothers, USApyon, and the others.

Lights emitting red while engaging Search Mode. The sound of the watch emitting scanning noise is now improved and it takes to getting used to this noise.

This Watch comes with two Yo-Kai Medals; Jibanyan and Robonyan USA. If you noticed something different with Jibanyan, that's because what you have here is the Dream Medal but let's talk about that later on because when you insert the watch, you are greeted with the brand new summoning jingle that varies by tribe and no matter the medal or the tribe, it plays one of seven roulette jingles but how it ends will be everyone's guess. In the case of the Yo-Kai Dream Medal, special dialogues will be triggered at the end of the summoning sequence. If it's good, the special dialogue will be good but if its bad, then it's the opposite. You get the point.

There's another thing you can do with the Dream Medal because with the Dream Medal present, hold the search button to trigger Charge Mode. When it says "3...2...1...", hit the Search Button to engage it and let's hope that the roulette hits the bottom middle of the watch or else you'll have to try and try again until it hits! When it hits the bottom middle of the Yo-Kai Watch DREAM, congratulations! Your Dream Medal's now charged! Some say you'll trigger something special with this by scanning its QR code behind the medal on the Yo-Kai Watch 3 SUSHI/TEMPURA/SUKIYAKI game for the Nintendo 3DS.

If words can bore you down, maybe a little video digest will;

So, what's my take on the Yo-Kai Watch DREAM toy? I'm starting to love this kind of Yo-Kai Watch toy a lot and I tend to get carried away when I am busy channeling my inner Keita (Nate) with this kind of Yo-Kai Watch and if you are planning to cosplay as Keita (Nate) on your next anime convention, better start looking for one of these and pretty soon, I'll be teaching you how to dress as Keita (Nate) from Yo-Kai Watch so watch for it.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Let's Do The News! (June 12, 2017)

- The Armed Forces of the Philippines are still assessing the report that Omar and Mhade Maute, the founders of the Maute Terrorist Group, were killed during the fighting. Meanwhile, government troops will remain on the offensive at all Maute bases.

- The Department of Labor and Employment launched a nationwide job fair alongside with the celebration of the 119th anniversary of the Philippine Independence. Over 1,200 job vacancies for local and abroad and 680 employees participated in the said job fair.

- A year have passed since the deadly Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, and the victims of the said attack are honored at the pre-dawn ceremony.

- Protesters held rallies across the United States to denounce the sharia law, the Islamic legal and moral code that organizers say poses a threat to American freedoms, but critics believe anti-Muslim hatred is behind the condemnation.

- Alpha Conde, President of Guinea, wrote to Saudi Arabia offering to mediate the crisis between Riyadh, its allies and the tiny nation of Qatar, which they cut ties following accusations of backing terrorism.

- The Syrian troops and the Iran-backed militias have escalated attacks against a rebel-held part of the southern city of Deraa, a possible prelude to a large-scale campaign to wrest full control of the city.

- The XBOX One X has been unveiled at this year's E3 showcase. To be on sale this November 7, this $499 XBOX One X will accommodate 4K Ultra HD and 60fps.

- For the first time in history, the all-new 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, the ultimate 911 ever built, was unveiled during the E3 showcase and named as the cover car of Forza Motorsport 7, coming this early October 2017 (Late September for Ultimate Edition purchasers due to early access privilege). The game will have over 700 cars, over 30 tracks, and new and exciting features such as driver personalization. This game is also XBOX One X enhanced to accommodate 4K graphics.

- Bandai Namco and Arc System Works together at last as Dragon Ball FighterZ was unveiled during E3 showcase and it will be unveiled this next year on XBOX One, PS4, and PC.

- Ubisoft celebrates 10 years of Assassin's Creed with the unveiling of their latest installment, Assassin's Creed Origins. Coming this late October for the PS4, XBOX One, and PC, the untold origin tale of the franchise takes players to Ancient Egypt as Bayek, whose story will lead to the foundation of the Brotherhood.


F1 2017 - Canadian GP

The Silver Arrows are roaring back alive at the Canadian Grand Prix of this season's Formula 1 championship and as demonstrated by Mercedes-AMG's 1-2 finish by Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, the competition just keeps heating up as Hamilton struggles to play catch up against Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel in the standings or else he'll snag last year's title from Hamilton.

Behind the post-race heat for Hamilton comes a first-lap disaster as Carlos Sainz's car was crippled by Romain Grosjean, causing him to enter the corner. Even Felipe Massa has fallen victim to Sainz's downfall in the first lap. Both drivers survived the crash. After some first lap disaster, there are some who couldn't make it to the podium such as McLaren-Honda's Fernando Alonso whose care suffered from engine failure.

Post-race results, Vettel still leads Hamilton by 12 points while Mercedes retaken the constructor championship lead with 8 points ahead from Ferrari.

The next race will be at Azerbaijan on the 25th of June.

FIA Formula E 2016-2017: Berlin

For some reason, the last three venues on this season's FIA Formula E such as Berlin, New York City, and Montreal, have spawned into two-parters; one by Saturday and the other on Sunday, and being two-parters mean double overtime for the FIA Formula E drivers while this is double the work for them, it's all in the name to keep the momentum going and for Berlin, this is no exception being the first of the last three venues of this season given the two-parter treatment.

In Part One of the Berlin ePrix, Mahindra's Felix Rosenqvist is the winner while ABT Schaeffler's Lucas Di Grassi placed 2nd and Mahindra's Nick Heidfeld placed 3rd. In the Second Part, meanwhile, Sebastien Buemi from Renault e.dams wins the Berlin ePrix with Rosenqvist placed 2nd and Di Grassi's in 3rd place.



The next of the three two-parters in this season is in New York City on the 15th and 16th of July.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Doctor Who S10E09

One of the most recognizable creatures in the Doctor Who franchise, the Ice Warriors, returned in the recent episode of this series of Doctor Who, titled Empress of Mars, and this episode brings sovereign and allegiance to a terrifyingly new meaning on another planet.

The Doctor and Bill Potts ventured under Mars during the 19th Century when the British made the planet part of their empire and with an unusual ally, they ventured deeper to discover the Empress of Mars and this how the allegiances between the two species are tested. Well, don't want to spoil what happened but with Bill muttering too much movie references and how the episode ends in a surprising twist, it never feel so alive.

So, does this episode surprise you? Take it from this episode's writer, Mark Gatiss, and Matt Lucas, who plays Nardole in this show, in the latest DW Fan Show webcast.


Driving Music Vol. 78

Whether if you're ready for some quiet Sunday drives, the best songs for your next road trip should need to be ready before setting off so it's time to jot down another set of Driving Musics that will get you ready for your quiet Sunday drives.

1) Fire Bird by MIYAVI - from the Honda Fit commercial

2) Song 2 by Blur - from the Aussie Toyota Corolla hatchback commercial

3) Who's That Boy by 松田聖子 - from the Subaru Rex commercial

4) Precious Heart by 松田聖子 - from the Subaru Rex commercial

5) Are You Gonna Be My Girl? by Jet - from the Renault Captur commercial

6) Blue Eyed Girl by Mikal Cronin - from the US Subaru Impreza commercial

7) I Just Wanna Party by Andrew Synowiec - from the GM Korea Chevrolet Orlando commercial

8) Figlio Perduto by Sarah Brightman - from the Ssangyong Rodius commercial

9) The Way You Look Tonight by Westlife - from a Hyundai Veracruz commercial

10) Mace The Knife by Westlife - from a Hyundai Veracruz commercial

Driving Music from Leopaul's Blog is the segment where solves every car enthusiasts' questions about the title of the song of car commercials...with the risk of MATCHED THIRD PARTY CONTENT on their status. It's your jam. Drive to the Music You Love.

Veteran TV actor Adam West passed away

Adam West, the veteran TV actor behind his iconic role of Batman in the self-titled TV show from the late 60's passed away at the age of 88 due to leukemia, according to his family's statement.

Born under his real name William West Anderson in Walla Walla, Washington on September 19, 1928, his acting career began after he left the army and first appeared on a Hawaiian children's show El Kini Popo Show before his breakthrough on western TV shows and crime series. He landed on his iconic role of Batman for three seasons from 1966 to 1968. His recent role in voice acting is a recurring character known as the mayor of Quahog from FOX's hit animated comedy series, Family Guy, as well as last year's animated film Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.

West is survived by his wife, Marcelle, six children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Rimac Concept One destroyed during TGT filming

Photo: Official THE GRAND TOUR Twitter

A moment of silence, ladies and gentlemen, because what you see in this very graphic photo that splintered through the motoring headlines that the wrecked car in question is identified as the RIMAC CONCEPT_ONE and it was crashed while in the middle of the Hemberg Hill Climb in Switzerland and shooting for an upcoming episode of THE GRAND TOUR with Richard Hammond behind the wheel.

Thankfully, Hammond survived the crash but the concept car he drove wasn't. He lost control of the electric sportscar while braking until it eventually hits the barrier.

THE GRAND TOUR released a statement via Twitter about what happened in a tragic car crash...

The RIMAC CONCEPT_ONE is an electric sportscar spawned by the up-and-coming Croatian supercar company RIMAC. Unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the CONCEPT_ONE is powered by four extremely powerful permanent magnet electric motors delivering 1224HP of power and 1600Nm of torque. With the proprietary gearbox system, it does 0-100kph in 2.5 seconds and top speed of 355kph (221mph). It comes with All Wheel Torque Vectoring that controls each wheel individually one hundred times per second for unparalleled dynamics unseen for an electric sportscar. It was limited to eight units.

Richard Hammond was once involved in an infamous car accident in Yorkshire since 2006 when he was piloting a jet-powered vehicle until his untimely crash that led him to comatose. He even got involved in a motorcycle accident while filming for The Grand Tour's Mozambique special a few months ago.

THE GRAND TOUR, Amazon's original car program, hosted by former Top Gear presenters like him, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May, is reportedly returning for their second season this Autumn of this year.


The Six-Day War: 50 years on...

Map imagery: Google

June 10th, 2017 marks 50 years since the end of the Six-Day War, a war between Israel and its Arab neighbors changed the way the Middle East is forever. For some Israelis, it is considered to be their celebration since Israel regained control of Jerusalem from the Arabs and became their so-called unified capital of this Middle Eastern nation but some, it's a questionable tragedy that changed the way they think about Israel and why it became a long-standing template of the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflicts even as of today.

During the course of the Six-Day War that lasted from the 5th to the 10th of June, 1967, whatever historians define it, the Israeli forces trade bullets against Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria. Most of the air forces from the Arab neighbors were destroyed by Israel and most of the territories were now under Israeli control in the aftermath of the war, including Jerusalem, Golan Heights, the West Bank, and many others.

After the war, the Arab leaders at the Khartoum Conference rejected making peace with Israel in September 1967, three months after the war, and then two months later, the UN Resolution 242 was created for future peace negotiations, envisioning Israel withdrawing from some of the territories it gained (not all) in the war, in return for recognition by and long term peace with the Arabs. The extent of the withdrawal to be determined in negotiations.

It is now 2017 and fifty years have passed since Israel won the war despite being outnumbered by Arab forces but the echoes of the six-day war and the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflicts still remain, especially with the rise of US President Donald Trump and his pro-Israeli movement that rattled most world leaders, especially the reports of Israeli adding settlements to Palestinian territories and the ongoing clashes between Israelis and Palestinians, killing numerous people in both sides. As any historian would tell, the Six-Day War is a clear template of why tensions between the State of Israel and the Arab nations became even more rampant as years passed by and while some celebrating this victory with their so-called "Jerusalem Jubilee" celebration in honor of Israel regaining control of Israel after the Six-Day War, historians will long remember as the nightmare that changed Israel into a rogue nation that can't be underestimated by many and in today's climate, there's no telling what will the Israelis plan next in the Middle East.

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