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Opel/Vauxhall Crossland X

Opel and Vauxhall are now part of Groupe PSA, the parent company of Peugeot, Citroen, and DS Automobiles. What does it mean? It's the end of the road as we know it for General Motors in Europe and "change is coming" for the used-to-be Euro subsidiary of the General because they will be providing with all the R&D provided by PSA in their vehicles. One such example is the all new crossover known as the Crossland X and it's time to examine what's what.

2018 Opel Crossland X
2018 Vauxhall Crossland X
Known by many as the replacement to the Meriva MPV because, ahem, crossovers prevail over MPVs and minivans alike in the automobile race, the new Crossland X hints everyone the "Change Is Coming" scenario from Opel-Vauxhall following their departure from General Motors and their arrival to Groupe PSA. Why? With a little sense of cognitive cross-examination, you will examine what's underneath the new Crossland X. It's basically a Peugeot 2008 underneath, meaning it's a clear sign that "change is coming" for the car makers who used to belong with the General.

First off, what's it look like on the outside? For a crossover that bears the same size as the 2008, the Crossland X incorporates the signature front grille as seen on its big brother, the Mokka X, as well as the new Insignia range, while the side view looks very stylish, yet conspicuously familiar, and the rear view looks like a Nissan SUV that used to live in its home market before it left.

2018 Opel Crossland X interior
2018 Vauxhall Crossland X interior
On the inside, the Crossland X, despite the 2008 connection, looks pretty much as roomier as the Meriva it replaces. Good rear space as well. On the gadgetry side, the Crossland X features a smartphone connectivity good enough to be Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible so your sat-nav will behave just like smartphones, only different. With so many good stuff around here, the Crossland X just pretty much like the one your sis drove during the after hours, only different.

2018 Opel Crossland X
2018 Vauxhall Crossland X
Even though the Crossland X looks like an SUV, it still behaves like an MPV indeed and because of the 2008 connection, the Crossland X is powered with a choice of a 1.2L, 1.2L turbo, and a 1.6L diesel engine, all sourced from Groupe PSA. The most powerful version will be the 1.2L Turbo with 130PS of power and 230Nm of torque and with the 6-speed manual, it does 0-100kph in 9.1 seconds and onwards to 206kph, quicker than those Japanese compact MPVs it may come across on the highway. The most fuel-efficient, meanwhile, is the one with the 1.6L ecoTEC diesel variant mated to a 6-speed manual with 3.8L/100km of combined fuel economy.

Handling-wise, the Crossland X no longer feels like a Chevrolet Orlando, which is no longer in European roads for quite some time now, and because it's now underpinning the same platform from the Peugeot 2008, it has a French flair to its driving character. No longer has that sauerkraut feeling but rather a souffle when you taste its handling traits. On a normal work day, the Crossland X feels not so bad to drive but on your day off with the kids, this is where the Crossland X gets even more challenging and because this is a five-seater crossover, the biggest threat of all is the invasion of the child seats on the second row seats and therefore, not a great choice for a family mover so the Crossland X should be better off as a after hours car to drive with your mates or use it to fetch other people when you got joined to a certain ride-hailing company as a driver, as long it's not UBER.

To get the Crossland X ready on the road ahead, it comes with a wide array of driver aids such as Adaptive Forward Lighting, head up display, 180-degree Panoramic Rear View Camera, Advanced Park Assist, Forward Collision Alert with pedestrian detection and Automatic Emergency Braking, Driver Drowsiness System, Lane Keep Assist, Speed Sign Recognition and Side Blind Spot Alert.

The price? The Crossland X starts at 16,850 Euros (£17,755), which sounds more affordable than the Peugeot 2008 it's based upon, making it a great value for money in a world dominated by crossovers like this. Although the Crossland X is an ideal alternative to MPVs, it's not an ideal measure as a family car due to its five-seater capacity and when child seats raided the entire second row seats, it's your loss. As a city car to drive with your mates, it feels good and on a day-to-day basis, the Crossland X is a revelation. In fact, this is a revelation to Opel/Vauxhall's change following its acquisition by Groupe PSA from General Motors and now that they're under French control, expect the best and worst to come in the future of Opel/Vauxhall.

Photo: Opel/Vauxhall

Audi SQ5 (Typ FY)

Now based on the second-generation Audi Q5, the all-new SQ5 shows that even a mildly high-performance crossover like this can be a lot more enjoyable to drive as a sportscar while maintaining its daily driver usage as a crossover. So, is the new model better than the previous one? Let's investigate.

2018 Audi SQ5
2018 Audi SQ5

Ever since the second-generation Audi Q5 crossover arrived on the scene several moments ago, I have strong belief that it's amazingly more affordable to buy than the Mercedes GLC, your auntie's next favorite luxury crossover, while it behaves pretty much like the GLC. In this new SQ5 though, this car wants a piece of that action with Mercedes-AMG's GLC43 by doing some similar stuff the GLC43 does in its spare time.

In comparison with the normal Q5, the SQ5 features a much mild and tangy exterior design which is as sharp as a soccer mom in a gym outfit, going out to do some MMAs with some sparring partners or even her next-door neighbor who brings them nothing but Danishes on the silver platter. On the inside, it still feels like a normal Q5. The five-seater capacity, the generous boot space, the MMI navigation plus with MMI all-in-touch, the Virtual Cockpit dashboard, it's all there to keep them waiting.

Time for something that is worth surprising because in the old SQ5, it has a 3.0 TDi engine with two turbochargers that produces 313HP of power and 650Nm of torque. In the new one though, in tune with the times, the diesel engine has been off to the great junkyard in the sky and in place, there is a new 3.0L V6 TFSi petrol engine that powers it, sacrificing torque for added power, 354PS of power and 500Nm of torque, mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox. With this powerplant along with its quattro permanent AWD, it does 0-100kph in 5.4 seconds and top speed normally limited to 250kph. It may sound quick for an SUV but it's less pulley compared to the previous SQ5 and it's slightly less fuel efficient as well, 8.3 l/100km compared to the old SQ5's 7.2L/100km. When compared to the similarly-sized Mercedes-AMG GLC43, the SQ5 will be getting left behind in the dust bowl in a red state and looks like now it's not the time to explain these two for the time being.

Because the latest Q5 utilizes the same new platform as the latest VW Tiguan, it's now more nimble and more durable compared to the last one, and for the SQ5, the quattro all-wheel drive and its sport-tuned dynamics makes it as lean and as sharp as an Audi S4 in every tangible way. It maybe great to use in any road condition and it can as addicting as a weekend at the arcade but understeering is very likely and even if you try to hard to get this round the corners, it's a distant struggle to get it right and with so much grip, have it your way because it can be very mild and menacing for a crossover like this.

In terms of overall enjoyment as a sportscar, the SQ5 is a royal pain in the arms because it has so much grip in it but as a everyday car, the SQ5 is not half bad, especially when it comes with the same driver assistance tech as the standard Q5.

Should you buy it? The new Audi SQ5 starts at 65,400 Euros, which is four grand more than the more superior Mercedes-AMG GLC43 and for such pricing, it's no doubt that this new SQ5 won't be cutting against its rival to the teeth but it's a fair start. While the transition from diesel to petrol is quite a surprising feat because Audi's had enough of the diesels following scandals that ruined its reputation, how much more does the SQ5 lose apart from its torque? No one knows but explanations are a lot harder than sampling this new model that despite its transition, it never lost some of its impish character from its predecessor and while the GLC43 can beat it in the game of "top trumps", the SQ5 can cheek squeak its way through the end of a week like MMAs in a pajama party. See if I care about it.

Photo: AUDI AG

Bubble Gang - August 11, 2017 #BGWasakKotse

In the August 11, 2017 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Wasak Kotse gags

- In tonight's top stories...

- One man told everyone about his weird powers

- An interview with Addy Raj and Mahal!

- Istambay, Istambay Sa Looban, Special Ang Inyong Matitikman, Dahil Ang Tindera Sa Tambayan, Special Ang Dala Sa...TINDAHAN?!

- A doctor's sexy way to treat illnesses.

- The trouble with gambling...

- Basa-basa-pik!

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Subaru Levorg and WRX S4 - 2018 minor change

Subaru's Levorg and WRX S4, Japan's cut-price answer to Volvo's V60 and S60, is now updated for the 2018 model year and apart from having slight cosmetic and mechanical changes aside, the 2018MY Levorg and WRX S4 introduced us Subaru's brand new version of the award-winning Eyesight safety tech.

2018 Subaru WRX S4
2018 Subaru Levorg

Before explaining more about Subaru's updated version of the Eyesight safety tech. Let's find out what's new on these two, starting on the outside of these cars and as you can see with those redesigned hexagonal-shaped grilles, new front bumpers, and new wheel designs, there is a stark comparison between these two relatives and whereas the Levorg is designed as a comfortable day-to-day car for work and for leisure, the WRX S4 is designed to be as sporty as its hi-po derivative.

2018 Subaru WRX S4 interior
2018 Subaru Levorg interior
On the inside, both the WRX S4 and the Levorg comes with the new, larger high-definition multi-function display, as well as the new auto climate control on the dashboard to keep it fresh and accommodating for both of these models. Seats aside, both the WRX S4 and the Levorg features Ultrasuede, a suede-like artificial leather made by Toray, intertwining bundled ultrafine fibers, giving these interiors a touch of class. It even comes with the driver's seat position memory function that can memorize up to four seating positions, giving occupants a customized seating position comfortable enough for the long journey ahead.

2018 Subaru WRX S4
2018 Subaru Levorg
Under the hood, both models do come with the same 300PS 2.0L DIT boxer-four engine mated to a LINEARTRONIC CVT and SI-DRIVE which promises 13.2km/L of fuel efficiency based on JC08 Mode standards and improved driving feel because of the tinkering of the dynamics. In the Levorg, though, it still offers a entry-level 1.6L turbocharged boxer engine with 16.0km/L of fuel efficiency.

Now, we get to the real part of these two updated models in terms of safety and for the new 2018MY WRX S4 and Levorg comes Eyesight Touring Assist. Improving the safety credentials of their award-winning safety tech, Eyesight Touring Assist operates by using Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Tracing Control and a stereo camera to monitor lane markings as well as vehicles ahead of the car, greatly reducing the driver burden by taking control of acceleration, braking, and steering while traveling on highways. In other words, these can make the WRX S4 and Levorg drive by themselves, which is surprising and awkward among Subarists.

So, now that we get to know about Subaru's new Eyesight Touring Assist, what do you think? Is this tech predicting the future of Subarus or it means something more? Whatever it is, new tech aside, the new WRX S4 and the new Levorg are trying to play "top trumps" against Volvo's S60 and V60, although even with the upgrades, these Volvo's can still mince these two because of the performance but in terms of pricing, especially when the Levorg starts at 2,829,600 Japanese Yen and the WRX S4 starts at 3,369,600 Yen, they're great value for money for a change. So there you have it, with these new tech and features, both these new Subaru models may never make the grade against its Volvo rivals due to its performance but when it comes to get ready in today's traffic conditions, their new Eyesight Touring Assist is right here when they need it the most.

Photo: Subaru Corporation

Let's Do The News! (August 11, 2017)

- A magnitude 6.1 quake was felt all over Metro Manila and parts of Central Luzon on Friday, Aug. 11 at 1328 local time. According to PHIVOLCS, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 5 km southwest of Lian, Batangas, at a depth of 173 km.

- President Rodrigo Duterte has declared a state of calamity in Ormoc City, and Kananga town in Leyte a month after a M6.5 quake rattled it. President Duterte singed Proclamation No. 283 last August 7 to speed up rescue, recovery, relief, and rehabilitation efforts of the government, private sectors, and the several international humanitarian assistance group.

- Senator Leila de Lima will remain in her prison cell, according to the President. in response to the European Union lawmakers who requested that De Lima be placed under house arrest.

- The Commission on Higher Education announced its plan to implement H.B. 5633 or the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act by the next school year. CHED Commissioner Prospero de Vera III explained that the agency will finish the implementing rules this week.

- For four months, texts from the government pinged into every mobile phone in Saudi Arabia ordering “illegal expatriates” to leave the kingdom before the end of an amnesty that expired in late July.

- Daihatsu displayed two concept cars at this year's Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show such as the DN Multisix and the DN F-Sedan.

2017 Daihatsu DN Multisix concept
2017 Daihatsu DN F-Sedan concept

- The 2018 Acura RLX minor change has been unveiled. Donning Acura's new precision grille as seen on last year's MDX minor change as well as the recent TLX minor change, the new RLX features a recalibrated Sport Hybrid SH-AWD inspired by the NSX, new 10-speed gearbox for the normal 310HP V6 variant with P-AWS, and AcuraWatch safety tech with new Traffic Jam Assist.

2018 Acura RLX

- Chevrolet unveiled their 2018 Camaro Stock Car, which will replace the SS for next season's Monster Energy NASCAR series.

- Forza teams up with HOONIGAN for the Hoonigan Car Pack, coming on Forza Horizon 3 next week and on Forza Motorsport 7 at launch.


Torchwood: Aliens Among Us 1

Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper are back to confront a new powerful threat emerging through the streets of Cardiff in the first batch of this new Torchwood adventure by Big Finish Productions, which is known to be the true sequel to the Torchwood saga set moments after the Miracle Day incident.

Torchwood: Aliens Among Us 1

To the words of Big Finish Productions, Aliens Among Us is officially known as the fifth series of the Torchwood saga and it picks up where Miracle Day left off in an amusing way to keep the spirit of Torchwood alive and kicking. No one knows why but we're fine by that.

The Miracle is no more. Captain Jack and Gwen faced The Miracle head on and triumphed. Now, in the aftermath, the two revived Torchwood from the ground up at an undisclosed location as they face the terrible consequences of their actions. Tyler Steele, a disgraced journalist, arrives in Cardiff for his new beginnings while investigating the so-called Red Doors movement, who allegedly claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks on immigrants, stirring up racism and hate in this Welsh metropolis. Delving deeper into this new kind of conspiracy, Tyler finds out that the secret organization known as Torchwood is back online and he will do everything to join the ranks and solve this new kind of threat that plunges Cardiff into a "sea of chaos."

In addition to returning cast of characters such as John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper, Kai Owen as Rhys Williams, and Tom Price as Sgt. Andy Davidson, Aliens Among Us introduces listeners and fans alike new characters joining forces with Captain Jack and Gwen in their newest mission such as ex-military Mr. Colchester (played by Paul Clayton), journalist Tyler Steele (played by Jonathan Green), and a valuable new recruit named Ng (played by Alexandria Riley).

The first part features four missions you will be experiencing in this new Torchwood saga; from Tyler's arrival in Cardiff, the Ro-Jedda conspiracy, a mysterious agreement between a contractor and an alien race in question, and the last one is very relatable in today's times where the lines between the rich and poor have been blurred out of the question. Needless to say, the people behind this new chapter of Torchwood have drawn inspirations from today's world affairs ranging from the Trump presidency, the Brexit, the ongoing terrorist attacks, the migrant crisis, and so on while blending with the classic Torchwood chemistry to gap the line between fact and fiction and by mixing factual world affairs with science-fiction stuff, Aliens Among Us gives listeners a serious nightmare fuel with a dose of Torchwood thrills to balance it out to make it more enjoyable for devotees of the hit Doctor Who spinoff program.

Don't miss part two of Aliens Among Us coming this October 2017 and part three this February 2018 and they can be ordered as a bundle starting at 75 GBP on CD or 60 GBP on download. Best to pick the download one because you can be the first people to listen to this true sequel of the hit Doctor Who spinoff.

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Let's Do The News! (August 10, 2017)

- COMELEC chairman Andres Bautista denies rumors that he is allegedly a homosexual, a playboy, and having a personal sex dungeon. Also, Bautista also rebutted his wife’s claim of him having accounts on several pornographic websites.

- The Armed Forces of the Philippines announced the mounting of a hundred thousand peso bounty against members of the New People's Army, either dead or alive. According to the general, the initiative was enacted upon by the local government, especially in areas where the rebel forces are rampant.

- Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte is offering a two million peso bounty for the arrest of every policemen involved in the mass killing and drug operations linked to former Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog.

- The US government imposed sanctions on eight Venezuelan officials for their role in creating an all-powerful legislative body loyal to President Nicolas Maduro, while a mayor-turned-fugitive called for more anti-government protests.

- Meanwhile, Mexican soccer star Rafael "Rafa" Marquez was sanctioned by the US Treasury Department as well as over 20 others for suspected links with an accused drug kingpin, tarnishing the reputation of one of Mexico’s sporting giants.

- Scientists named a legendary sea-going crocodile that menaced coastal waters about 164 million years ago during the Jurassic Period after the heavy-metal rocker Lemmy, the late front man for the British band Motörhead.

- Mercedes-Benz teases their new concept car set to unveil at this month's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

- Former late night show host David Letterman returns to work for a new Netflix show.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Summer is ending and what better way to celebrate the last days of summer than listening to the brand new Cinderella Girls album themed after the seasons of the year, beginning with summer?


THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS MASTER SEASONS SUMMER! is the first of the MASTER SEASONS lineup and because the theme of this album is summer, it's packed with three new, summer-packed songs that will keep you enjoyed during the last days of summer vacation. 

The first one is titled 銀のイルカと熱い風 and it's performed by Yui Ohtsuki (CV: Nanami Yamashita), Chieri Ogata (CV: Naomi Ohzora), and Minami Nitta (CV: Aya Suzaki). The second one is titled とんでいっちゃいたいの and it's performed by Shiki Ichinose (CV: Kotomi Aihara), Kanako Mimura (CV: Yuka Otsubo), and Frederica Miyamoto (CV: Asami Takano). Later, Syuko Shiomi (CV: Ru Thing), Arisu Tachibana (CV: Amina Sato), and Ryo Matsunaga (CV: Haruka Chisuga) are performing 夏恋 -NATSU KOI-. And finally, CoCo夏夏夏 Holiday by Suzuho Ueda (CV: Nanami Haruno), Shin Sato (CV: Yumiri Hanamori), and Airi Totoki (CV: Hitomi Harada).

Topping it all off from these four summer-themed tracks is a special audio drama part featuring your favorite Cinderella Girls mentioned in this album on a summer getaway.

There is nothing like spending the last days of summer vacation than listening to those summer-themed songs performed by your favorite Cinderella Girls!


Inochi Moyashite Koiseyo Otome

Those who just can't get enough of THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage app games might want to put down their phones right now because there's a new addition to the STARLIGHT MASTER range fit enough to spend the last days of summer with a bit more festive.

The highlight song of this installment is Inochi Moyashite Koiseyo Otome and the idol highlights in this album are Kaede Takagaki (CV: Saori Hayami), Shin Sato (CV: Yumiri Hanamori), Miyu Mifune (CV: Sayaka Harada), Nana Abe (CV: Marie Miyake), and Sanae Katagiri (CV: Azumi Waki). With a taste of summer festivity and some classic Cinderella Girls recipe, you can enjoy this new song as much as you want just like you've played with it on Starlight Stage. In addition, there are two new songs in this installment such as マイ・スイート・ハネムーン by Mayu Sakuma (CV: Yui Makino) and Lunatic Show by Syoko Hoshi (CV: Satsumi Matsuda), Koume Shirasaka (CV: Chiyo Ousaki), Sachiko Koshimizu (CV: Ayana Taketatsu), Sae Kobayakawa (CV: Rika Tachibana), and Yuki Himekawa (CV: Mako Morino).

Be sure to keep playing Starlight Stage and watch out for more on this range!


01 命燃やして恋せよ乙女 (M@STER VERSION)
02 マイ・スイート・ハネムーン
03 Lunatic Show
04 命燃やして恋せよ乙女 (M@STER VERSION) オリジナル・カラオケ
05 マイ・スイート・ハネムーン オリジナル・カラオケ
06 Lunatic Show オリジナル・カラオケ
07 命燃やして恋せよ乙女 (GAME VERSION)

Let's Do The News! (August 9, 2017)

- The Supreme Court allowed the release of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno's Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net worth, and other records which is considered vital against her pending impeachment complaint.

- A graphic photo of Omar Maute in the encounter site has gone viral in social media. According to the photo, the dead body covered in blood, identified as Omar's was being hugged by an unknown male. The Joint Task Force Marawi recovered the said photo from a cellphone unit recovered from an encounter site in the city.

- Meanwhile, reports surfaced that the Maute terrorist group continues to recruit new members to boost their rapidly depleting numbers.

- Over 200 New People's Army rebels were spotted in Misamis Oriental. Due to the unexpected build-up, more than 500 residents were forced to flee their homes in Barangay Nangcaon in the fear of being caught between major military offensives and the rebel group.

- Nine people have been killed and 164 injured in an earthquake that rattled a remote and mountainous part of southwest China’s Sichuan province, according to reports. The quake struck 200 km (120 miles) west-northwest of the city of Guangyuan on Tuesday evening at a depth of 10 km (6 miles), according to the USGS.

- Isaac Makwala from Botswana was barred to entered the London Stadium after earlier being withdrawn from the night’s 400 metres final at the World Championships after falling victim to an outbreak of sickness that has hit scores of competitors.

- At long last, American Idol, the hit reality singing competition, has returned in its new home on ABC this 2018 as open call auditions start next week.

- Mazda is developing a brand new engine that combines the qualities of a petrol and diesel engine. Due for 2019, the new SKYACTIV-X engine is a SKYACTIV-G petrol engine that uses components from the SKYACTIV-D diesel engine, making it possible to ignite the petrol in a petrol-engined car using compression alone.

- Here's what to expect in the trailer of the upcoming second series of the TV series Victoria, starring former Doctor Who actress Jenna Coleman.


Torchwood: The Dying Room

Big Finish Productions continues to unearth some of the hidden Torchwood archives that never saw the light of day as full-cast audio drama CDs so fans of the hit Doctor Who spinoff can get the same experience as they got from the hit BBC TV series. 2017 promises to bring more Torchwood audio dramas as part of their ongoing efforts to celebrate Torchwood's 10th anniversary since October 2006.

Torchwood: The Dying Room

History has been littered with unexplained cases and only a secret organization known as Torchwood can explain the phenomena that poses a grave threat to the human race. Enter Paris, France, during the Second World War, and as chaos ensues in the city occupied by the Nazis, there's a mysterious plague ravaged through the streets, turning humans into mutants. With only one night to stop the outbreak, an investigator named Herr Grau is on the race against time to unravel the conspiracy that will forever changed the so-called "city of death."

This new installment stars Simon Russel Deale as M LeDuc, Mark Elstob as Herr Grau, and Emma Cunniffe as Madame Berber, among many others. It's produced by James Goss, and script edited by David Llewellyn.

Like The Playhouse a while back, this installment is more of an uncanonized addition, bearing no connection to the real Torchwood saga, but keeping it true to the Torchwood tradition, this installment will keep them hanging from start to finish and all that suspense, horror, and thriller molded into one unique masterpiece that you can only expect from the world of Torchwood.

From a darker storyline, darker cast of characters, and classic Torchwood moments, despite its originality that bears no resemblance to the whole Torchwood gimmick, it's a fair say that The Dying Room is what makes us believe in Torchwood for the rest of our lives.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Forza Horizon 3: Why the R34 is the best Skyline of all

Ask anyone what is the best Skyline ever made for over 60 years and speedo boys have this response; an R34 Skyline GT-R, the last Skyline GT-R ever made before its millennial divorce where Skyline became Japan's answer the BMW's 3-Series and the GT-R became a bona fide supercar against the world's best.

Like you and me, the R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R is like a true shogunate to a whole clan of warriors during the feudal times. Or better yet, the ideal Nobunaga to a while clan of JDM cars where it rules with an iron fist. This is the last of its kind where Japanese cars are cooler than watching anime shows until the new millennium comes and Japanese cars got even more boring than having a road trip with your mom and dad and since it was launched in 1999, this JDM car knows how to party like it's 1999.

Let me give you a clear secret, boys and girls. If you live in SoCal, there was a 25-year rule where you can legally import a car that wasn't available on American soil in the first place under certain conditions. Of course, I know that you wanted to smuggle that R34 Skyline GT-R to drive on Cali roads but federal regulations prevented you to do so, but little did you know that since this car was launched in Japan since 1999, you have to wait until 2024 to get one. Not sure? Do the math.

Math aside, the R34 Skyline GT-R still has the bits and bobs from the previous R33 Skyline GT-R, a car Triads would love to mess around London Chinatown with it,  There's the 280HP RB26DETT petrol engine, 6-speed manual gearbox, sport-tuned dynamics, and ATTESA-ETS Pro, among many others. Without it, it wouldn't be the one that was favored by "God Foot" Hoshino from Initial D 4th Stage, Yamamoto from Wangan Midnight, and Brian O'Connor from Fast and Furious movies. This is the absolute epitome of the JDM car culture of the late 90's and when Japan heralded the age of boring cars, this R34 Skyline GT-R remains an all-time great.

Since the R34 Skyline GT-R is considered to be the best Skyline of them all after six decades, it's time to flex its muscles as Godzilla takes on the world over; from Australia to Thrilltopia. And would you look at that R34 that I have? It's someone's idea of artsy but never mind, let's take the R34 a spin round Horizon Australia, starting with the Australian outback against the other JDM bushidos.

Next up is Blizzard Mountain and it's the turning point where the R34 Skyline GT-R's four-wheel drive system is put to the test...

And lastly, Hot Wheels Thrilltopia, where I ramped up the R34's testosterone levels to the critical level...

So, with all of them taken care off, it's the ideal proof why the R34 is the best Skyline of all for six decades and you can't hardly blame the speedo boys who loved driving one or desperate enough to have one in their garages while not letting bureaucracy standing their way. Imagine life without the R34 Skyline GT-R...

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: North Korea rejects talks with South in Asean forum

North Korea rejected offers of talks from the South during a rare exchange between the two nations' foreign ministers, according to reports, after the United Nations imposed new sanctions against the Korean Peninsula.

News of a brief encounter on the sidelines of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers' meeting in Manila came as South Korean leader Moon Jae-in, in a telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump, urged a "peaceful resolution" to the tensions.

Moon told Trump that the South "cannot let another war to break out" on the peninsula after the 1950-53 Korean War that sealed the division of the two Koreas, in a statement from the Blue House.

The South's Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha shook hands with her North Korean counterpart Ri Yong-ho ahead of an ASEAN Regional Forum dinner on Sunday, according to reports.

Source: AFP

Let's Do The News! (August 8, 2017)

- Classes and work in some schools were suspended due to road closures and anticipated traffic congestion brought about by the culminating event of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting today.

- During the ASEAN meeting, the foreign ministers reaffirmed their commitment in their collective battle against terrorism. In their joint statement, the members stressed the need for a comprehensive solution against the Islamic State terror group from Syria, which has found its way to Southeast Asian sovereignty.

- The meeting between the foreign ministers of Vietnam and China were cancelled on a sidelines of a regional gathering, amid growing tension between the two countries over the South China Sea. The Chinese embassy officials gave no reason for the cancellation of the meeting scheduled for Monday in Manila between China's Wang Yi and Vietnam's Pham Binh Minh.

- Muntinlupa representative and former BOC commissioner Ruffy Biazon expressed concern that his former agency's corruption has become a "culture" in its own.

- An Australian Navy survey ship has found a US military aircraft crashed through the northeast coast at the weekend, killing three Marines. The U.S. Defense Department identified the three Marines as First Lieutenant Benjamin Cross, 26, of Oxford, Maine; Corporal Nathaniel Ordway, 21, of Sedgwick, Kansas; and Private First Class Ruben Velasco, 19, of Los Angeles.

- Following last week's installation of an all-powerful new legislative body run by leftist President Nicolas Maduro’s Socialist Party loyalists, despite massive protests and a global outcry, Venezuela is heading towards a more volatile stage of unrest after anti-government forces looted weapons during a weekend raid on a military base and frustration over what some see as an ineffectual opposition leadership boils over.

- Former Mad Men stars John Slattery and Christina Hendricks reunite for a new show created by the showrunner Matthew Weiner.

- EB presenter Maine Mendoza was named as top regional individual taxpayer by the Bureau of Internal Revenue Caloocan.

- The stars of the hit anime film "your name.", Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu, are now 1/8th scale figures courtesy of Good Smile Company. These figures based on characters from the blockbuster film are now available to order starting at 8.148 Yen plus tax and delivery and arrives this March.


Monday, August 7, 2017

Let's Do The News! (August 7, 2017)

- The Philippines invited Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the 50th Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Manila coming this November. Also coming in the summit is US President Donald Trump.

- The Department of Foreign Affairs will be releasing a new look for the Philippine passport following the extended validity to ten years. According to them, the new passports will be out next year.

- Five members of the Richmond Santos drug syndicate were arrested while their leader was shot dead in a buy-bust operation in Caloocan City, Sunday night.

- A member of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria, Carla del Ponte, said she was quitting because a lack of political backing from the UN SEcurity Council had made the job impossible, according to reports.

- Celebs Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their divorce after eight years of marriage.

- Tata Motors cancelled plans for the Tamo sub-brand as well as its Racemo sportscar due to a need to reallocate funds away from non-core business ideas to more important stuff.

- About 63,000 orders for the Tesla Model 3 compact EV saloon were cancelled but CEO Elon Musk says it's still OK.

- Here's your first look on the upcoming second series of the Love Live! Sunshine!! TV show coming this October.

- In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, there's a new Lycanroc coming in the game. Say hello to the brand new "Dusk form" Lycanroc. Set for its first appearance in an upcoming S&M anime episode, details regarding the new Lycanroc form in the upcoming Ultra S&M games remain unknown until further notice. Watch for it!


2017 NASCAR Monster Energy Cup - I❤NY 355

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series goes to Watkins Glen for the I❤NY 355 race of this series and as summer draws to its conclusion, the fight for the title remains ever hotter than ever with twists and turns in store for the drivers.

In Lap 20, Kyle Busch cleared the first stage, his 9th stage win in this series. Three laps later, the number 88 car is out of the race due to some failures. In lap 40, Daniel Suarez claimed his first-ever stage win in his career. In Lap 45, trouble's brewing in the mid-field as the #18 and the #2 slipped off the track.

After 90 laps, Martin Truex Jr. wins the Glen thriller.

Next race is at Michigan International Speedway for the Pure Michigan 400 on the 13th of August.

Top Gear America - Movie Magic

The second episode of BBC America's Top Gear America celebrates the coolest cars featured in the coolest films in history.

William Fichtner, being an actor, got a chance to try out a legendary Mustang 390 GT, the iconic muscle car Steve McQueen drove in a San Francisco car chase in the film Bullitt.

Later, Antron Brown drives an open-top exotic that makes it the ideal dream car and has the appeals of a movie star; a brand-new Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, while getting filmed by some cameramen, including Wookie himself, using cutting-edge camera arms mounted to the top. When handed to The Stig, he lapped the Huracan round SpeedVegas in 1:10.47.

Then, Bill's back to sample the car that defined America in the 1950's, a 1995 Cadillac convertible.

Ryan Eggold from the hit NBC series, The Blacklist, is this week's celebrity guest and he did it in 1:32.94.

And then, the episode ends with the boys having a little crack of stunt driving at a certain movie set.
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