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Bubble Gang - September 1, 2017 #BGRaid

On the September 1, 2017 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Raid gags

- The urine test spelunking...

- Istambay, Istambay Sa Looban, Bangon Na At Wala Ng Tulugan, Lapit Na Dito Sa'ting Tambayan, Ang Matutulog Ay...BABATUKAN?!


- Spelling Beks!

- Don't do unnecessary things inside!

- Whistleblower's testimony turns dark

- The conservative

- Basa-basa-pik!

Friday, September 1, 2017

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: American tourist wants to revisit North Korea despite travel ban

Despite the US State Department implementing a travel ban on the Korean Peninsula on Friday, American tourist said he'd be happy to return to North Korea because of its beautiful scenery, great food and friendly locals.

Burkhead, a 35-year-old from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was among the last American tourists to leave North Korea, landing on Thursday at Beijing Capital International Airport. Burkhead arrived in Beijing on North Korea’s state-owned Air Koryo after visiting Pyongyang as well as the city of Kaesong near the heavily armed border with South Korea. His five-day tour cost $2,200.

Other Americans on the flight included two aid workers as well as Jamie Banfill, 32, who had led tours to North Korea but was visiting the country as a tourist.

The United States last month announced a ban on U.S. passport holders from traveling to North Korea, effective Sept. 1. Journalists and humanitarian workers are allowed to apply for exemptions under the ban, which is similar to previous U.S. restrictions on travel to Iraq and Libya.

Source: Reuters

Let's Do The News! (September 1, 2017)

- The House Committee on Dangerous Drugs seeks charges against former Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon regarding the 604 kilograms of crystal meth that passed through the Bureau of Customs last May. In addition to Faeldon, the House also intends to file criminal charges against other BoC officials including Neil Estrella, Gerardo Gambala, Milo Maestrecampo, and Attorney Mandy Anderson, Faeldon’s Chief of Staff.

- The Department of Transportation collaborates with the Singaporean government to help ease the ongoing traffic problem in the country. Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade and CEO of the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise Kong Wy Mun signed a memorandum of understanding on Thursday developing an Intelligent Transport System to reduce traffic congestion in Metro Manila.

- The Court of Appeals has affirmed the expulsion of former Metro Rail Transit Authority general manager Al Vitangcol III over attempts to extort $ 30 million from Czech company Inekon that supplied light rail vehicles.

- Yesterday, the Thai Supreme Court dismissed a case against former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva for ordering a deadly crackdown on demonstrators protesting against his government in 2010.

- China's Defense Ministry said that it would strengthen up patrols along a disputed stretch of its border with India, but would also “adjust” deployments, after the two countries ended a more than two-month standoff.

- As US President expresses his condolences to the victims of the Hurricane Harvey in Texas, he's threatening to shut down the government if they don't fund his proposed border wall.

- Need For Speed Payback's joining the casualty of not featuring production Toyotas in-game alongside Forza Motorsport 7.

- Skoda Auto, the Czech division of the Volkswagen Group, plans to launch new models until 2020.

- smart will display their Vision EQ ForTwo Concept at September's Frankfurt Motor Show, demonstrating the future smart's connectivity, autonomous driving, car-sharing, and electric drive.

smart Vision EQ ForTwo Concept

- Celebs Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins is set to appear in a J.R.R. Tolkien biopic film.


Remembering Princess Diana

It was the midnight of the 31st of August, 1997, when a car accident occurred somewhere in Pont de l'Alma and one of the casualties is none other than Princess Diana. The year 2017 marks 20 years since the horrifying death of Princess Diana, a turning point that forever changed the world and it might be the ideal time to have a moment of silence to remember the death of a princess that forever changed the world.

Photo: Getty Images

It all began one fateful summer of 1997 when Princess Diana's glitz and glamour catapulted through the ranks following her divorce and she was planning for a trip to Sarajevo to promote the campaign against landmines. In July, she, Prince William, and Prince Harry arrived at St. Tropez as guests of Harrods owner, Mohamed Al Fayed, and his son Dodi. A month later, her affair with Dodi caught the attention of the paparazzi. The two fly from Sardinia for a their night out at Paris. Diana supposed to return home but she and Dodi are caught off-guard by the paparazzi at the Ritz, owned by Fayed.

Such annoyance prompted Dodi to cancel their dinner reservations as they will return to the Ritz for dinner and drive to his apartment in Paris, thus the car chase between them and the press began in nightfall. In an effort to weave off the press, Dodi summoned two cars as decoys leaving from the Ritz front entrance. He and Diana will leave from the back of a Mercedes S280 saloon with Henri Paul, the Ritz's acting head of security, served as their driver.

As midnight struck on the 31st of August, both Diana and Dodi left the Ritz, caught on CCTV. As the pursuit continues at Pont de l'Alma, Paul clips a Fiat and loses control and with no time to hit the brakes, the car hit the 13th pillar, killing both Dodi and the driver while Dodi's bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, badly hurt. Diana was sent to the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital but suffers a cardiac arrest. At around four in the morning, she died.

Following her shocking death, people in Britain held a moment of silence to pay respects to the late Princess Diana while then-Prime Minister Tony Blair draw flak on the press, warning that any editor who uses paparazzi pictures of her has "blood on his hands today," he said.

It is now 2017 and the world still remembers Princess Diana, who will never be forgotten for all the goodwill she committed through her tenure as the Princess of Wales before her tragic death. While conspiracy theories still lurking around about her untimely death, only history will shed light on this tragedy that forever changed the world and in the case of Princess Diana, truth will always prevail throughout the endless waltz of conspiracies that haunt our minds even on the next generation.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Honda N-BOX (Second Generation)

Since 2011, Honda revitalized their kei-car lineup with their N cars beginning with the N-BOX, Honda's answer to the Daihatsu Tanto and as kei cars keep getting more fuel efficient and safer, looks like the underdog kei car feels like it's throwing the towel but they're not because with the arrival of the second-generation Honda N-BOX, this tiny little minivan is ready to take on the streets with added fuel efficiency and safety tech a class above the rest.

2018 Honda N-BOX

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, your new, second-generation Honda N-BOX. Now pay attention because this is an all-new model you never heard of and this is the ideal time to talk about the brand new N-BOX. Starting with the design and like the previous model, the all-new N-BOX is offered with two different styles to choose from; in the normal N-BOX, it looks almost like the previous model when it first came out six years ago so you couldn't really tell the difference between the old and the new. On the new N-BOX Custom, meanwhile, that front face looks pretty much like the Hondas of today, particularly the Shuttle because one closer look on the Custom variant and you know that it''s got its Shuttle face on. Talk about identity crisis, if you know what I mean.

2018 Honda N-BOX interior
2018 Honda N-BOX Custom interior

On the inside, it's now modernized than ever judging by the look of the dashboard and it's now even more user-friendly than ever because the new N-BOX offers new stuff that no kei cars of that size ever offered. One such example is the brand new Super Slide Seat which allows the user to slide the front passenger seat forwards or backwards for better accessibility on. Need space on the front? Slide it backwards. Need more legroom on the back, slide it forward. It's that simple. Apart from the Super Slide Seat made exclusively for the new N-BOX, it features unique rear seats that can be slided forward or backward, separately, or even tucked up for improvised rear space for your thrift store hauls, and then there's the hands-free sliding door that can be operated at the lift of your foot. With such convenient features, the new N-BOX is by no means the most user-friendly kei car ever built for the most demanding people during work days.

2018 Honda N-BOX

Performance, what is it on the new N-BOX? Well, for starters, the 660cc petrol engine that powers it produces 58PS of power output and 65Nm of torque, and when mated with a CVT, fuel efficiency is around 27kmpl based on JC08 Mode standards, which is becoming irrelevant right now. Of course, you can exercise your options with the available turbocharged engine and four-wheel drive if  today's weather update calls for more clouds and rains. 

As for handling, the new N-BOX has been improved thanks to its Agile Handling Assist for better stability in cornering as well as its Hydraulic brake boost. With very good visibility and minivan sizing, the N-BOX is shaping up to become a kei car fit enough for the 9-to-5 lifestyle and because it's made for people who are working 9-to-5, its Honda Sensing should not be underlooked because with the stereo camera, millimeter wave radar and sonar sensor on sight, the Honda Sensing features on the new N-BOX is more than prepared to get through all sorts of traffic with ease while taking advantage of safety tech such as collision mitigation braking system, false start suppression, pedestrian accident reduction steering, outdoor departure suppression function, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist system, auto high beam, road sign recognition function, and so much more, all in the name of safety.

So, now that you already know about the new, second-generation N-BOX from Honda, let's take a look at the price; it starts at 1,385,640 Japanese Yen for the normal N-BOX while the Custom variant starts at 1,698,840 Japanese Yen. By comparison, that's very pricey to own than the Daihatsu Tanto range but with all those class-leading features, the new N-BOX is all about being a class above the rest thanks to its user-friendly features that is both accessible and accommodating. If you still don't know about the new, second-generation N-BOX from Honda, better rush to your nearest Honda dealer so you can uncover the truth. Come on, it's not that hard.

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: US Defense Secretary Mattis says diplomatic solutions on NK not out

The defense chiefs of South Korea and the United States agreed to support diplomatic efforts to resolve the North Korea issue by reading "strong, effective and reliable" military options.

In their talks at the Pentagon in Washington D.C., South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-moo and US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis reaffirmed that their alliance remains robust amid threats from North Korea.

Meanwhile, the US Navy successfully intercepted a target medium-range ballistic missile off the coast of Hawaii. The US Missile Defense Agency says the USS John Paul Jones successfully launched an SM-6 missile interceptor to shoot down the target. The successful test points out that it has the capability to intercept North Korean missile launches.

South Korea and the US finished their annual joint military exercises today. The eleven-day defense drill began last Monday on the peninsula. North Korea made threats against SK and US's joint military drills through the years and on Tuesday, it fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile (which zoom past the northern part of Japan, triggering the J-Alert emergency response system), claiming it was a "show of force" against the drills.

Source: Arirang News

Let's Do The News! (August 31, 2017)

- President Rodrigo Duterte ordered a lifestyle check on Iloilo City Mayor Jed Mabilog, who was tagged as one of the so-called narco-politicians. According to the president, he has ordered the National Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Internal Revenue to look into the lifestyle and riches of Mayor Mabilog.

- 25 lawmakers have endorsed the second impeachment complaint against Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Last night, Atty. Gadon submitted the 54 pages complaint to House Secretary General Cesar Pareja.

- 100 days have past since the Marawi siege against the ISIS-sympathizers known as the Maute Group, the military is confident the end is in sight for what has been its biggest security crisis in years. Meanwhile government forces opened Mapandi Bridge to the media amidst its 100th-day assault with the Maute terrorists.

- As water began to recede in some parts of flood-ravaged Houston, Texas, the recently downgraded Harvey strikes through Beaumont-Port Arthur area of Texas, hitting the region with record-breaking rainfall and devastating floods.

- New emails unearthed by the ongoing Russia investigation reveal that the businesses from US President Donald Trump was actively pursuing Kremlin support for a Trump Tower Moscow at the same time he was campaigning to be president. Special Counsel Robert Mueller will continue to sift through the mounting evidence and assess the extent to which President Trump and his cronies were compromised.

- GREAT NEWS! The new Dacia Duster's unveiled!

2018 Dacia Duster

- The Strike Witches franchise will celebrate their 10th anniversary next year with a special project coming soon.

- In celebration of Hatsune Miku's 10th anniversary, Good Smile Company unveiled the special 10th anniversary Hatsune Miku Nendoroid. Replicated after the commemorative character design celebrating 10 years of Miku, the special commemorative figure is yours to order starting at 4,167 Yen plus tax and delivery and arrives this January.

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku 10th
anniversary version
- Actor James Marsters will reprising his Torchwood role as villain Captain John Hart in an upcoming audio drama coming next year from Big Finish Productions.


10 reasons why we love Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku 10th anniversary

The 31st of August, 2017, marks the 10th anniversary of the world's famous virtual idol, Hatsune Miku. From her inception in the Vocaloid voice synthesizer to her shot at glory as the famous virtual idol the world knew and loved, it's no wonder that the name Hatsune Miku became a household name for every otakus everywhere and when you see her face plastered around the world, you know that she's a cult following in her own right.

To celebrate ten years of Miku, let's jot down the ten reasons why you and I became part of the Miku mania.

1) Her success lies upon us - Because Hatsune Miku is part of the long line of Vocaloid synthesiser software, users used her signature voice to create cover versions of their favorite songs as well as original ones. Thanks to their creativity, Hatsune Miku's rise to fame is just one viral creation away.

2) Her signature look is timeless - From her signature greenish twin-tail hair, cyber fashion style, and her pleasing personality, this is why Hatsune Miku is easily distinguishable from the rest and no matter what style she sports in, they will still recognize it's the Hatsune Miku we know and love.

3) Miku's not alone, though - Miku has a lot of friends from the VOCALOID range. There's Luka, there's Rin and Len, there's Meiko, and there's Kaito, and together they share the same shot at glory thanks to the users' desires.

4) A video game phenomenon - Because of the folks from SEGA, Miku and pals got their shot at fame at rhythm based video games in the case of Project Mirai franchise and because of the games, more and more people are getting to know about Hatsune Miku and pals while mastering different songs in different difficulty settings.

5) Combining virtual and reality is Miku's specialty - Seeing Hatsune Miku performing onstage in real-world concerts in Japan and overseas is a science-fiction turned science fact and for the fans of Miku, it's like a dream come true to see the world famous Hatsune Miku performing in real time.

6) Merchandise! Merchandise! Merchandise! - Because of Hatsune Miku's partnership with Good Smile Company, we've seen a plethora of Hatsune Miku toys in the hobby stores. From scale figures, Nendoroids, and figmas, the Miku-GSC partnership is such a sweet soiree and has been a target of every bad boys worldwide to waste their hard-earned cash for those.

7) A real spokesperson - Whether if she's advertising a car, an internet browser, or even a shampoo, rest assured that Hatsune Miku is the real spokesperson to get her face plastered on TVs and internet ads.

8) An eye-candy at every Super GT race - The Hatsune Miku mania doesn't stop at the hearts of otakus worldwide because even in Japanese motorsports, she's a real eye-candy. GOODSMILE RACING is known for showing off Hatsune Miku on every Super GT race in the season and no matter how had this team tried, be it a win or a loss, the crowds got starstruck by the appearance of Hatsune Miku in German race cars like the Z4, the SLS AMG, or even the AMG GT, built for Super GT specs.

9) The community! - Hatsune Miku's ever-growing fame prompted many people to do cosplays as Miku and friends as well as some viral fanarts to express their love for the Vocaloid heroes. I have to give these Miku-loving community a heartfelt thanks because you Miku-loving fans are the best.

10) Getting to know about Miku - If you were one of the many folks who listened to one of Hatsune Miku's greatest hits, it's a great thing to know that you are a bonafide Hatsune Miku fan but listening these songs is not enough. You need to know more about Miku and the others if you want to step your game up. Who knows, your fandom might get elevated to enthusiast up to being a certified Hatsune Miku aficionado.


The Cute Wall (Volume Eighteen)

Now, the moment of truth is time because it's now time to do...THE CUTE WALL!


Back in business, baby! And the wall's now better than ever. Look what happened to this wall while we left. It's now clean, the list's intact, and's now heavily fortified with some military grade materials. Resistant to slashes and explosions. Even the likes of idiots like Shogunyan and Robonyan...

Type F.

(audience laughing)

Yeah. Robonyan Type F. No one told me that he has a nuke on his wireframe that violates all UNSC treaties and it was therefore outlawed by international law. Not to mentioned it was used to blow up the meteor in one fell swoop.

(audience laughing)

Hey, care to guess how this heavily fortified wall made from? I have a tape and I'll show it to you.

Go ahead...

(tape clicks)


Wait...what are those? Are those...elves?

More than elves...

...these are Gnomey.


Yep. These little fellas from Yo-Kai Watch who did all these. Well, except for one because a certain Gnomey became dinner time for someone else.

(audience laughing)

I know, they talk gibberish but let them be. They are Gnomey and they deserve a spot on the wall which I think I'll put it on the CUTE spot.

(audience laughing)

Thanks for that. So, shall we start with this Cute Wall, then?

Okay, and since we watched that Idol Time Pripara TV show, now's the ideal time to meet the stars of the show starting with Yui Yumekawa.

Yui Yumekawa
(audience laughing)

What? Is there's something wrong with it?'s the eyes is what made us noticing about her. So what's with Yui anyway?

I don't know, apart from being the main character of the show alongside Laala Manaka and the idea that she wants to outsmart her brother, who is part of the boy group WITH.

Those eyes? What were they? It's like it uses the same tech from the Torchwood contact lenses.

(audience laughing)

You mean the I-5s?

More than I-5's, her eyes are having some kind of stereo cameras, the same kind of stuff used on modern cars that using autonomous tech such as braking by itself when it sees an object. I don't know. Does her eyes have nightvision? Thermal? Digicam? Biometrics? X-RAY? Ultrasound? Let's bring our old friend, Robonyan Type F, and do a scanning on her.

Good idea!


Nope. Both of them hit a vine.

Yep. A vine. Wait! Something's wrong with Robonyan!

Oh dear....

Now he turned into a Yui Yumekawa copy.

(audience laughing)

It's a temporary disruption. He'll revert back to normal in no time.

(audience laughing)

What else I can think about Yui Yumekawa's eyes?

Might as will be...Soldier 76's Tactical Visor!

(audience laughing hysterically)

Soldier 76's Tactical Visor?!

Or maybe Widowmaker's Infra-visor!

(audience laughing)

Anyway, enough Overwatch jab now, but with eyes like her's might as well put Yui Yumekawa to the highest spot of the wall; the NAKAKAGIGIL section.

(laughing, then applause)

Who's next?

Nino Nijiiro

Nino. Nino Nijiiro.

Nino...Nijiiro?! on. Starting to rhyme with someone else. Yui Yumekawa, Nino Nijiiro, those names, it's starting to sound like...

Yume Nijino?!

(audience laughing)

What about the idea that Yui keeps on saying the "yume" term in the show? Maybe one day, she'll turn this show into Aikatsu Stars and her name won't be Yui Yumekawa. It's just Yume Nijino.

(audience laughing)

This is getting off-topic right now, pal. Let's talk more on Nino for the time being. Nino's the sporty type of character and in the world of Pripara, she bears the Neon Drop name while being backed by Dressing Pafe's Dorothy and Reona West. That's all I know so, words?

Oh, she's a toughie, all right and this wall doesn't welcome toughies like her...

(audience laughing) it's NOT CUTE for Miss Nino. That's it.

If you say so. So, what about this one? Her name is Michiru Koda.


Michiru Koda
Michiru Koda. She's the one with the glasses like Mirei, grayish hair, let's see...mmm...mmm...Oh no!

What do you mean OH NO?

Michiru Koda, once hypnotized under the spell of the Gaarmageddon posse, she bears the name of Melty Lily and in the world of Pripara, she has the will to control everyone. In other words, she has mind control powers. Cross paths with her and she'll mess you up big time!

(audience laughing)

You got to be kidding me!

Guess we know where to put Miss Michiru...

Yeah, you're right. It's going to be at SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE!

(audience laughing)

Well, I guess that's it with the stars of Idol Time Pripara. Let's go back to Pokemon, shall we?

Pokemon it is, then. And while I'm still watching Sun and Moon, I'm still greeted with a bunch of cute Pokemon as seen on TV apart from the ones I've mentioned before. One such example is this...

That's a Steenee, I presume?

Yep. That was once Mallow's Bounsweet, evolved. Now, about that Steenee, Rotom Dex states that Steene often attracts a crowd of other Pokemon drawn to its energy and its lovely scent. Anyway, what's not to like about Mallow's Steenee?! Everyone?


No one? I do! I'll just put it on CUTE so everyone will know!

CUTE?! But I haven't got the chance to talk about it yet! Anyway, what about Alolan Vulpix? It looks cute to me.

Alolan Vulpix
You know, a normal Vulpix is a Fire-type as every Pokemon master knows, but this Alolan Vulpix on Pokemon Sun and Moon is an Ice-type, and as Rotom Dex says Vulpix in the Alola region was once known as [BLEEP], and some older folks still use that name.

Lillie has an Alolan Vulpix that was hatched from the egg. Care to know what name Lillie gave to her newly hatched Vulpix?


Nope. You're wrong. Lillie named her Vulpix "Snowy".

It rhymes with Squishy from the Zygarde Core.

(audience laughing)

So, how cute is Snowy, ladies and gentlemen? Everyone?


(Sigh) Guess they didn't know Snowy, didn't they? Maybe few people watched the Sun and Moon TV show. Come on. Watch the anime! Don't care. Just watch! This is anime, ladies and gents! Anime is meant to be watched, not meant to be played!

And we have a winner. Now hush. Hush as I'll put Snowy on CUTE.

(audience laughing)


What was that?!

I don't know? Something big?

Yes. It's that super bear they called Bewear.


(audience laughing)

What Bewear is it?

The Bewear that keeps on meddling Team Rocket while making trouble on Ash and pals.

(audience laughing)

This Bewear keeps popping up by land, by air, BY SEA FOR GOODNESS SAKES! It can travel everywhere as if it knows where's Team Rocket at and then carries them back to its safe place, all the time! Care to see clips where Bewear keeps on popping up on Team Rocket's backs?

(audience laughing)

Oh, no no no no! I think I've seen enough of Bewear but since this Bewear's too much, let's put it to NAKAKAGIGIL. Pity about the air part even though Bewear's a Fighting-type.

Yes but here's a little trick: Have Bewear know Aerial Ace, equip it with Flyium Z crystal, and watch it blast off.

(audience laughing)

Say whaaaa.....?!


Where did Bewear go?!

It went out to find Team Rocket as always.

(audience laughing)

Let's move on to Aikatsu Stars, shall we? And while on the subject of Venus Ark, we come face to face with names like Elza Forte, Kirara Hanazono, and Rei Kizaki. Let's start with Elza, first.

Elza Forte


Wait, Elza Forte. I'm familiar with this woman. The lady in charge of the Venus Ark and a real thorn to Yume and others. It's like I'm receiving an ominous message on my computer that says (ahem) YOU SO FINE, YOU BLOW MY MIND.



(audience laughing)

Wow, this woman really is like a mistress of doom and she knows how to make Yume miserable under her prying eyes. So, who was that woman really?

I don't know but because she keeps creeping me out like a thief in the night, mind if I put her on the SERIOUSLY NOT CUTE post where safe?

Guess the Queen won't be impressed by this...

(audience laughing)

What about Kirara Hanazono? Everybody loves this character, you know.

Kirara Hanazono?

Kirara Hanazono

Wait! Kirara Hanazono?! That face! That head! I recognize her! Folks, watch out for her head!

What do you mean "watch out for her head?"

Look at Kirara's face, when she looks like this, better stay away folks because if you come contact with Kirara's's "Fly Me To The Moon" for you.

(audience laughing)

(Fly Me To The Moon plays)

So, let me get this straight. If you come into contact into Kirara's head, you'll end up flying through space. Is that correct?

Yeah. One massive head smash is strong enough to send them flying.

(audience laughing)

Still, could be worse. Even anti-tank rifles can't pierce her head off.

(audience laughing)


Don't know. Her head's like the Ironhead from Biohazard Revelations 2. You can't pierce its head off with a gun unless you can blind it with a flashlight. That's what Kirara is. Her head's made up of the toughest element known in planet Earth. So tough, not even an all-out pummeling would shatter her head into a million chunks.

(audience laughing)

What else you know about Kirara's head?

Some witnesses say that if Kirara drops from a 45-story building using her head, it creates some kind of, let's say Tectonic Rage!


TECTONIC RAGE?! What was that?

When her head's come impact on the surface, it creates a earth-shattering fissure and she keeps on falling until her point of impact is...uh oh...

What do you mean "uh-oh?" Don't tell me she's heading through...

Yep. She's making an impact on the earth's core, causing a massive explosion similar to a thousand nukes!


Yikes. That's some scary stuff you mentioned about Kirara Hanazono's head. So, if I had to ask, what is the equivalent force of Kirara's head when she goes like this?

A Meteor Strike.


Doomfist's Meteor Strike attack.

(audience laughing)

We better find a way to blow her head off! Maybe Robonyan would do!

No use. That will blow up the whole studio and that's suicidal so it's best to put her in NAKAKAGIGIL until we figure this out.

(audience laughing)

Anyway, what about Rei Kizaki?

Rei Kizaki
Er...umm...sadly, I still had no info on her yet, although she's more than just being Elza's right hand gal. Oh! they did mention that in future episodes, Rei will finally perform under her assumed name, the Royal Sword.

Royal Sword?

Don't know, that's what her assumed name works perfectly well for Rei, but in the meantime, let's want until we get to know Miss Rei better, although her tough attitude shows that she's not my kind of Aikatsu gal.

(audience laughing)

She's tougher than she looks, am I right? Well, I could put her in NOT CUTE, is that correct?

Yeah. NOT CUTE it is...

(audience laughing)

Anyway...uh...hey! USApyon! What are you doing here? Uh...USApyon?


(Pew! Pew! Pew!)


Run! Run! Run!

(audience laughing)


Nico Yazawa
Takane Shijou
Azusa Miura
Makoto Kikuchi
Anzu Futaba
Touma Amagase
Shota Mitarai
Hokuto Ijuin
Teru Tendo
Kaoru Sakuraba
Tsubasa Kashikawa
Kyouji Takajou
Minori Watanabe
Kyosuke Aoi
Yusuke Aoi
Shiki Iseya
Haruna Wakazato
Hayato Akiyama
Jun Fuyumi
Natsuki Sakaki
Rui Maita
Chio Hazama
Jiro Yamashita
Jill Valentine
Rebecca Chambers
Claire Redfield
Ada Wong
Ashley Graham
Sheva Alomar
Helena Harper
Sherry Birkin
Moira Burton
Natalia Korda
Miyabi Fujiwara
Risa Shirakaba
Rin Kurosawa
Mia Fey
Rayfa Padma Khura'in
Yoshiko Tsushima
Sion Todo
Aroma Kurosu
Hibiki Shikyoin
Ako Saotome
Yuri Katsuki
Victor Nikiforov
Chiri Tsukikawa
Lori Loud
Lucy Loud
Lola Loud
*Michiru Koda
*Elza Forte

Rin Hoshizora
Hibiki Ganaha
Minami Nitta
Ranko Kanzaki
Miku Maekawa
Sumire Hikami
Juri Kurebayashi
Nono Daichi
Hime Shiratori
Tsubasa Kisaragi
Yuzu Nikaido
Yozora Kasumi
Maya Fey
Pearl Fey
Ema Skye
Trucy Wright
Kay Faraday
Athena Cykes
Mirai Kasuga
Shizuka Mogami
Tsubasa Ibuki
Shiho Kitazawa
Umi Kousaka
Megumi Tokoro
Yuriko Nanao
Serika Hakozaki
Anna Mochizuki
Kana Yabuki
Nao Yokoyama
Riko Sakurauchi
Dia Kurosawa
Mikan Shiratama
Mahiru Kasumi
Lily Shirogane
Pepper Taiyou
Lynn Loud
Lana Loud
*Nino Nijiiro
*Rei Kizaki

Tunip the Vegimal
Queen Delightful
Serena's Pancham
Umi Sonoda
Eli Ayase
Hanayo Koizumi
Maki Nishikino
Nozomi Tojo
Miki Hoshii
Yukiho Hagiwara
Iori Minase
Ritsuko Akizuki
Kanako Mimura
Chieri Ogata
Miria Akagi
Rika Jougasaki
Kirari Moroboshi
Riina Tada
Rin Shibuya
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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Second-generation Volvo XC60

For about nine decades, Volvo has been the only Swedish car company in the world to create different kinds of cars that appeal to most people. They made good cars, they made bad cars, it's all about following the circle of life, whatever that is. With Volvo making some of the best cars that appeal to today's millennials in terms of performance, economy, and safety, which is their focal point for Volvo since the XC60. With the XC60, the forefront of Volvo's commitment to create safe cars, now enters its second-generation, the Swedish car company behind this car don't just predict the future, they build it.

2018 Volvo XC60
2018 Volvo XC60

Yes, the XC60 is the brains behind Volvo's safe promises and because it's now on its second-generation, the team that designed it promises to be their most safest XC60 yet, incorporating all their safety know-how from their current lineup to this crossover as well as performance and economy at the same time, making it a well-balanced package for the modern world. Beginning with the exterior design, the new XC60 looks more like a mini-me XC90 of some sorts. There's the signature Volvo grille, the signature Thor's Hammer headlights, the contemporary styling that blends perfectly through the city centers, the rear view auspiciously similar to the XC90, and the wheels, everything you look on this crossover is just almost flawless and that's only the half of the story.

2018 Volvo XC60 interior

On the inside, the new XC60 is suffering the same problem as the other new Volvos because it now bears a monotonous interior design as you would expect from BMW, Audi, or even Renault. This "same-interior-different-exterior" approach is getting too nosy for car lovers but while you mutter about this kind of trend everywhere else, the XC60 boasts a plethora of tech features and concessions of comfort and space that will keep you accommodated for more but as a word of warning, this interior is a war zone in here because this five-seater will be as exhausting as an after-school Citizen Army Training regimen and when the second-row seats got occupied by those child seats, this means war. As long as this interior hasn't turned into a war zone, you are greeted by those luxury car features that will keep you longing for more. From the touch screen, the instrumental panel, the climate control, the Bowers & Wilkins premium stereo, the XC60 is a luxury crossover done right from start to finish.

2018 Volvo XC60

Of course, being a Volvo, you can expect a wide variety of petrol and diesel engine choices available but for those who are begging for power should go for this; the T8 Twin Engine with 407ps of power output courtesy of its twin-charged 2.0L petrol engine and an electric motor. With the 8-speed gearbox and SPA platform, a first for a 60-series Volvo model which is lighter and more rigid than the old XC60, it does 0-100kph in 5.3 seconds and onwards to 230kph. That sounds juicy and quick for a hybrid variant like this but now's not the good time to talk about how fun this car is, even though by Volvo standards, it's not half bad to drive, although in the case of the T8 Twin Engine variant, its all-wheel drive system is tad crazy and bizarre because the petrol engine powers the front wheels only, whereas its electric motor drives the rears, and if you're not careful with it, understeering is very likely and expect to bring some painkillers when your arms got hurt from steering with it.

Apart from the improved chassis that makes the XC60 a well-rounded performer at all corners of the earth, safety is the paramount of this crossover because it comes with class-leading safety tech such as Steer Assist, Oncoming Lane Mitigation, and Blind Spot Information System. Combining these with Volvo's award-winning safety features, the new XC60 lives up to Volvo's commitment that no one will be killed or badly wounded in a new Volvo by 2020.

The all-new Volvo XC60 starts at 402,900 Swedish Krona and while this is twice as expensive as the previous model, which is still on sale as the XC60 Classic, it's less expensive than the XC90, making it a fair value. It maybe expensive for an SUV like this but the new XC60's technological breakthrough should be underestimated because with such like this, you can expect more from Volvo's promise to create more safe and enjoyable cars for the road ahead.

Available colors: Black Stone SOlid, Ice White Solid, Bright Silver Metallic, Osmium Grey Metallic, Onyx Black Metallic, Luminous Sand Metallic, Mussel Blue Metallic, Maple Brown Metallic, Denim Blue Metallic, Pine Grey Metallic, Fusion Red Metallic, Electric Silver Premium Metallic, and Crystal White Premium Metallic.

Photo: Volvo Cars

Let's Do The News! (August 30, 2017)

- MalacaƱang denied rumors that they are attempting to calm the snowballing public sympathy for the death of 17-year old Kian Delos Santos. Rumors began circulating following President Duterte's meeting with Kian's parents last August 28th.

- President Rodrigo Duterte, meanwhile, attacked the Office of the Ombudsman which he claims practices "selective justice" in an attempt to protect their allies from graft charges.

- Iraqi forces calling their operation to retake a small Iraqi town from the Islamic State militants like opening the "gates of hell" as the fighting is much worse than retaking Mosul last June.

- US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis told that current policy regarding transgender personnel serving in the military would remain in place until he advises President Donald Trump on how to implement his directive on a transgender ban.

- A Guatemalan top court ruled definitely against President Jimmy Morales' internationally criticized push to fire the head of a U.N.-backed anti-corruption unit probing his campaign financing. The decision by the Constitutional Court ratifies a provisional ruling that the government could not expel Ivan Velasquez, a veteran Colombian prosecutor who leads Guatemala’s International Commission against Impunity.

- Prices William and Harry pay tribute to the late Princess Diana on Wednesday, a day before the 20th anniversary of her death. They will meet representatives of the charities Diana supported at Kensington Palace, their current home and where their mother lived until she was killed in a car crash on Aug 31, 1997.

- Porsche's first SUV, the Cayenne, is now on its third-generation and this new model is now comes with powerful turbo engines, new eight-speed Tiptronic S gearbox, new chassis systems and innovative display and control concept.

2018 Porsche Cayenne

- The Bentley Continental GT is now on its third-generation and for its full model change, the new model's 6.0L W12 TSi engine has been mated to an 8-speed DCT for the first time.

2018 Bentley Continental GT
- Nintendo is ending their Miiverse social network service on the 8th of November alongside the Wii U Chat and Nintendo TVii services. Nintendo will remove Miiverse features from compatible Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games in Japan. The affected games will include more than 70 Wii U titles and more than 20 Nintendo 3DS titles.

- Actor Ed Skrein pulled out from the Hellboy remake film amid claims of whitewashing.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My adventure in PacSci

Earlier, after a few days of persuading my parents, I got myself a chance to visit the Pacific Science Center for the very first time by myself and this is my one shot at entering one of the most popular destinations in the Pacific Northwest for both people young and old alike.

Open from 10:00 AM until 6:00PM, the Pacific Science Center is a fantastic place for visitors to ignite their curiosity in the name of science. It's located near the world famous Space Needle so if you are in a mood for sight-seeing, feel free to visit the PacSci anytime you like, as long as you're not making a ruckus about it.

Whether if its mechanical science, rediscovering nature, exploring outer space, or learning about how the human body functions, the Pacific Science Center got everyone covered with all of the best this museum has offered and me having an adventure in PacSci is both exciting and scary at the same time but that's the life of being a so-called travel bug like me, you'll never know the ups and downs you might come across.

I'm looking forward to revisit this place anytime I want but before ending this note, there's a very cool special exhibit that I just went before calling it a day; called the Terracotta Warriors, this special exhibit running until the 4th of September is a one-of-a-kind exhibition that features life-size statues and over a hundred artifacts from the first imperial dynasty of China, known as the Qin (sounds like chin) Dynasty.

Witnessing those Terracotta soldiers displayed in this special limited-time exhibit is like living a movie fantasy. It's almost like you're in a movie called The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in so many ways but hey, this special exhibit was proven so successful, most of the tickets sold out within minutes. However, that didn't stop me from entering this very successful exhibit that showcases the ancient history of China's first dynasty from start to finish.

I have learned a lot of things in the Terracotta Warriors exhibition except for the tomb of the first Chinese emperor which remains a mystery as of right now because no one knows what's inside the Emperor's Tomb, thus resulting to numerous theories that came up from the minds of historians and scientists alike. Science and history played a crucial part of the discovery of the Terracotta warriors and getting to know them is an honor to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Anyway, I think that's enough for that and I hope you had fun at the Pacific Science Center from opening to closing time.

More pics:
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