Tuesday, March 27, 2018


In one episode of the IDOLISH7 anime series, the president of the Takahashi Productions appointed Tamaki Yotsuba and Sogo Osaka as debutantes and while concerned about working for IDOLISH7, President Takahashi named the duo of Tamaki and Sogo as MEZZO.


Yes, while it's hard for Tamaki and Sogo to be part from the others to do their work for the agency they called home, they're doing their best to get their names be heard and if you are a fan of Tamaki and Sogo, here's your chance to listen their duet song fit for the rainy day.

Titled 雨, this MEZZO song really warms the listeners up in a middle of a rainy day and if you can't get enough of more Tamaki and Sogo, there's one more song in this single made just for you. The fans are definitely as hungry as Tamaki for more like this.

The IDOLISH7 anime airs every Sunday nights on TOKYO MX so keep watching for more of Tamaki, Sogo, and the rest of IDOLISH7 for their next steps.

1. 雨
2. 甘さひかえめ
3. 雨 (Off Vocal)
4. 甘さひかえめ (Off Vocal)

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