Monday, March 26, 2018

F1 2018 - Australian GP

It's lights out and away with the brand new Formula One season where change is already here as demonstrated by their new logo and the racing machines that now come with the highly controversial halo cockpit that is proven to be quite an obstruction to their view, not to mention the removal of grid girls in favor of little kids savoring the F1 action, but despite the halo cockpit ruining the drivers' safe zone, that distraction wouldn't stop our driving aces from bracing the brave new season they're heading on.

Albert Park, Melbourne, is quite jam packed for the whole weekend because of the recent Supercars race occurred and as the dust settled from the Supercars action, it didn't take long before the new F1 cars blitzing into action like scud missiles and as the action progresses, the obstruction's becoming to show its mettle just as how Max Verstappen demonstrates when he got spun out the corner and how the HAAS F1 team faced a bitter end with a DNF.

In the end, Ferrari took the opening salvo in Melbourne with Sebastien Vettel winning the race and Kimi Raikkonen placed 3rd. Last year's world champion, Mercedes-AMG's Lewis Hamilton placed 2nd.

To the amazement, McLaren, reeling from their disastrous season last year, is coming back with Fernando Alonso placing 5th. "Now, we can fight..." Alonso said.

The next race of this new F1 season will be on Bahrain on the 8th of April.

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