Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Far Cry 5

After exploring through the jungle as a mercenary, surviving through the African nation full of private troops, storming through the tropical paradise, getting the taste of the 80's take of the future, surviving through prehistoric times, and battle against a tyrannical rule in a nation somewhere near the Himalayas, UbiSoft's first-person open world action game, Far Cry, now takes on the Land of the Free, the U.S. of A. More specifically, a village in Montana where a religious cult wreaks havoc in the neighborhood and only you and your friends can rain down fire of fury on the cult.

Far Cry 5 (PS4)
Far Cry 5 (XBOX One)
Far Cry 5 is a Far Cry game unlike any other because it sees a major departure from its predecessors as the game no longer sets on a fictional location (well, sort of) and uses the US state of Montana as the setting. While using a real location, the producers wanted to create a fictional village in the Treasure State just to give a taste of what they're on about. Once a quiet neighborhood, the village of Hope County is overrun by a fanatical cult known as The Project at Eden's Gate, run by the self-proclaimed prophet, Joseph Seed, and his minions known as The Heralds.

For the first time, players can create their own characters before emerging to the hostile neighborhood getting ready to save Hope County from the cult by forming your own resistance. From every visually stunning detail, the countryside, the wildlife, and its inhabitants, Far Cry 5 never fails to impress the players by the looks of it but this is no time to get awe by the stunning backdrops. You are here because you are going to rain down a "fire of fury" on the cult and as the fight progresses, you will be teamed up with some helpful NPCs along the way, each with their own abilities. You can even team up with wild animals as well or connect with an online buddy for some co-op mayhem.

Because this is America, Far Cry 5 never forgets the Second Amendment (sort of) and they come with a wide array of weapons to wreak havoc on the cult from handguns, assault rifles, baseball bats, even heavy weaponry. You can even drive vehicles for that hit-and-run feeling such as a muscle car, a pickup truck, a big rig, even a heavily-armed crop duster plane as well. There's so much fun to do while watching the cult going down in flames because of you and that's just the start of it because while you're not in the middle of the story, you can take on side quests to further explore the nooks and crannies of Hope Country.

Raining down destruction on the cult is only the beginning because later on, there will be DLCs coming your way such as reminiscing the Vietnam War, taking on a horde of zombies, and got suck in to a sci-fi flick, just to add more fun to Far Cry 5 later on.

So, this newest installment, what can I say, although it's too darn scary for a game that reflects the America of today, it's still downright addictive, downright hilarious, and a thrill to play. You can really spend all week destroying the cult not just with your bare hands but with the resistance fighters around you and such stuff is what made it the best Far Cry game in ages, even for newcomers.

Although it's a departure from past installments, the madness still lingers on and Far Cry 5 really nails the sweet spot in an explosive kind of manner. So, have fun burning down the cult-infested village, y'all.

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