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When BMW brought us the previous F10 M5 in 2011, the speedo boys thought they might have ruined it probably because they dumped the old V10 engine from the E60 in favor of a smaller 4.4L V8 BiTurbo engine but despite that, it remains one of the most enjoyable high-performance four-door saloons of this decade. As the new Mercedes-AMG E63 becomes the new boss of the stable, BMW decided to respond against AMG's will by going all-out with their new M5 F90. So, what's going to be with the new model? Let's investigate.

2018 BMW M5
2018 BMW M5

The new BMW M5 looks pretty much the same as the old F10 model it replaces but it's all new from the ground up to make sure it's in equal footing with the E63 opponent and that meant that the new F90 model is now converted into a four-wheel drive super saloon fit for any forecast. More on that later on but first, let's look on the recipe.

Under the hood, the 4.4L V8 BiTurbo engine from the old model is still here but now, it produces 600PS of power and 750Nm of torque. That's 40PS more than the old model but a little less than the E63 and still, could be worse. The old model's 7-speed double clutch gearbox has been thrown away and in return, it comes with a brand new eight-speed M Steptronic transmission because while double clutches are awesome in supercars, they're irrelevant in luxury saloons like this and I understand that. With the gearbox and the engine itself, it goes 0-100kph in 3.4 seconds (which is a second less than the old model) and it's electronically limited to 250kph. 305 if you go for an optional M Driver's Package.

Now, let's talk about the all-wheel drive layout of the M5 and why it wants to match the one from the Mercedes-AMG E63 because you might imagine that having a hi-po saloon with a four-wheel drive and electronic power steering will give you arm pains due to understeering but this one is very different because the all-new M xDrive has a trump card on its sleeve; the M Dynamic mode. With this feature, torque goes to the back and the rear wheel slip has increased, resulting to a more lively and more engaging experience while driving. In other words, it behaves like a rear-wheel drive car and it's an all-you-can-smoke buffet. Smoking and if you need more old-fashioned fun, there's an optional 2WD Mode that lets it go like an FR. With such personality, the new M5 is like having two cars in one and I think they're onto something here.

As for the chassis, the F90 M5 has been improved to make it sporty but stable fit enough for an all-rounder. From its reworked suspension setup, M compound brakes, and other improvements, the M5 is a surprising all-round winner at both the road and track and if you look carefully through the headlines, some might shocked that it was developed at the Nurburgring and everybody knows that the Nurburgring ruins cars but in its case, it isn't. It maybe Nurburgring-honed but it feels civilized on the normal roads until the inevitable action hero chase kicks in.

2018 BMW M5 interior
2018 BMW M5 interior

The new M5 starts at 117,900 Euros and that's by no means the most expensive M5 ever made and it's about as pricey as a supercar but the pricing wasn't the least of its problems because while the artificial exhaust note, the gearbox, and the tech overload upsets potential buyers, there's the biggest problem of all, EA. The F90 M5 made a starring role at last year's Need For Speed Payback video game and unless you demand BMW to back off EA, there's no way you're getting your hands on the new F90 M5 and that's it. You're going to be tapped out from driving one but we are so jealous enough for this M5. Let's just wait for the dust to settle and when the F90 M5 is free to go, it will be appreciated in the same way we did to the M2 Coupe when it managed to back off EA a few years ago but in the meantime, better stick to the E63 until it's renounced.

Photo: BMW AG

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Richard Joash Tan said...

But I will stick with the new M5 because it will not renounce FOREVER!

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