Monday, March 26, 2018

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: High levels of fine dust to ease slightly this afternoon

The authorities are taking emergency measures to try and protect the population from the ultra-fine dust. Seoul has been dealing with this season's highest levels of fine and ultra fine dust since yesterday with an ultra fine dust advisory in place since Saturday evening.

Aire quality will improve a bit in the afternoon.

The Ministry of Environment said on Sunday it requested metropolitan and regional governments to take procedures in accordance with guidelines to prevent the fine dust level from rising further. The ministry said that it will extend the measures into Monday, citing the poor air quality, and issued a fine dust warning in Seoul and other areas.

Meanwhile, South Korea's trade minister has revealed that Seoul has reached an agreement with the US to amend their free trade deal. After returning from the US on Sunday, South Korea's trade minister Kim Hyun-jong said Seoul and Washington had reached a settlement on revising the bilateral trade pact and steel tariff issues.

Kim explained that uncertainties on the steel tariff issue were effectively eliminated, thereby enabling Korean steel products to continue entering the US market. He also stressed that Seoul was able to defend its red line on agricultural goods, making clear there will be no further opening of the domestic market.

Kim added the results of the negotiations will be announced after Monday's Cabinet meeting.

Source: Arirang News

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