Monday, March 5, 2018

Top Gear S25E02

The second episode of BBC Top Gear is all about the hunt for Bigfoot and a new McLaren.

In that episode, Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris return to the United States for the hunt on the mythical Bigfoot. They try different kinds of offroaders at their disposal; a Ford F-650, a Sherp Pro ATV, they even ride the all-electric Alta Redshift dirt bike as well. They've even thrown a flying ATV to the mix.

Harris, being a McLaren nut, goes to Portimao, Portugal, to check out the newest McLaren supercar, the 720S. It even had a shootout against the P1 as well.

Then, when the boys went Bigfoot hunting, Rory Reid's occupied with the creation of reverse racing, which involves driving cars on reverse.

Lee Mack is this week's SIARFC and he did it in 1:55.2

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