Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Arigato Daijobu/Believe it

Aikatsu Friends!, the third installment of Bandai Namco's Aikatsu! children's franchise, is all about Aine Yuki and Mio Minato, who share the same goal to become the best idols of Star Harmony Academy and their hopes to come face to face with the venerable duo they called Love Me Tear. In honor of the newest Aikatsu series airing every Thursday nights on TV Tokyo, the opening and closing theme songs have arrived in full swing.

Arigato Daijobu/Believe it
And here it is. Not only you are welcomed by the opening and closing theme songs but also Aine and Mio's theme named after the title itself which is, of course, Aikatsu Friends! All of these songs featured in this single are performed by members of BEST FRIENDS! which of course they're the ones who played as the characters of the shows in case you are wondering.

The opening title is "ありがと⇄大丈夫", performed by Aine and Mio, while the closing theme song is titled "Believe it", sung by Karen and Mirai. Simple as that.

For limited quantities, there's a special accessory card that you can use it on the DATA CARDDASS Aikatsu Friends! arcade game.

Aikatsu Friends! airs every Thursday nights on TV Tokyo, right before Pokemon Sun and Moon.

01 ありがと⇄大丈夫
02 Believe it
03 アイカツフレンズ!
04 ありがと⇄大丈夫 (off vocal)
05 Believe it (off vocal)
06 アイカツフレンズ! (off vocal)

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