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Aston Martin DB11 Volante

A few moments ago, Aston Martin welcomed the DB11 with the new variant that comes with the AMG-derived 4.0L V8 BiTurbo engine because having a V12 DB11 outflanked by the Mercedes-AMG GT's V8 ferocity, they sealed their fate by having the AMG V8 engine to the DB11 and although it doesn't have the grunt of the V12 engine, it feels more alive for a grand tourer of this size and while some are happy with the Mercedes-powered Aston Martin, there's so much to talk about it by adding a convertible variant.

2019 Aston Martin DB11 Volante

This is the Aston Martin DB11 Volante and with prices starting at £159,900.00 inc. VAT, it's slightly less expensive than the powerful V12 hardtop variant, which sadly isn't getting one because the only sole option in the open-top DB11 is the AMG-derived 4.0L V8 BiTurbo engine, churning out 503HP of power and 675Nm of torque, which is not as powerful as its target, the Ferrari Portofino.

Mated with a rear mid-mounted eight speed automatic gearbox with electronic shift-by-wire control system, it does 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds and it has a top speed of 187mph, meaning this is also slower than the Portofino as well, but it didn't really matter anyway because like all good Astons, it wasn't design to be the aggressive type, something that you are going all out when you put it on the track, because it makes the journey through the open road as smooth as a grass whistle.

Grass whistle aside, the suspension of the DB11 Volante is pretty much like its hardtop equivalent. It's got a front independent double wishbones and rear multilink and it comes with an Adaptive Damping System with Skyhook technology modes GT, Sport & Sport +. In GT mode, you get the idea I said above but in Sport +, it bears the impression of running of the bulldogs going to bite you. That sounds painful to get into but while it sounds irrelevant for a grand tourer, the DB11, despite the added weight compared to its hardtop equivalent, really is fun and you can really hear the V8 barking like an American muscle car, meaning there's an aura of a street fighter lurking beneath its gentleman looks. What does the fox says? Well, rev this one to find that answer.

Anyway, the steering is dramatic indeed because of its Electric Power Assisted Steering rack with speed-dependent rack and pinion power-assisted steering, which takes about 2.4 turns lock-to-lock, and while it is very dramatic like I said, it takes a lot of effort to turn this open-top grand tourer round the corner because chances are, it's going to be an arm-breaking experience. Darn those power-steering stuff but as challenging as mastering a song in a hard difficulty setting, it feels just right especially when it has the surprising Dynamic Torque Vectoring. As for the brakes, it has some drama to it even though they're ventilated.

Because this is a new Volante, the DB11 Volante's roof system is brand new and this K-fold roof system takes about 14 seconds to open roof, 16 seconds to close roof, even at speeds up to 31mph.

On the inside, it feels pretty much like its hardtop equivalent. It's got full-gran leather interior, Alcantara headlining, heated front seats, the Mercedes-derived sat-nav, everything this DB11 offers and while some say it looks disappointed and a tad average, it's functional indeed and it's not bothersome to the DB11's formal looks. Even James Bond couldn't have a word of it because he'd simply just get in and go with no questions asked. Boot space? Despite being a convertible, it has more room for two large gym bags and it's more spacious compared to the old DB9 Volante. Now that's functional in so many levels.

And there you have it folks. Although the DB11 Volante lacks the V12 engine its hardtop equivalent possess and while not as sharp as a Ferrari Portofino, it has everything a grand tourer should be. Gentlemen looks, a V8 BiTurbo engine from Mercedes-AMG, luxurious interior, boot space, the DB11 Volante really is special in so many ways to drive one and for their long driving pleasure, it really wows them, nothing more and nothing less indeed.

Photo: Aston Martin

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