Monday, April 9, 2018

F1 2018 - Bahrain GP

The 2018 Formula 1 season continues in the scorching nights of Bahrain where the whole grand prix has turned into a show of fireworks display as sparks fly for the F1 drivers gunning themselves to the top like a pack of wolves.

In the scorches of Sakhir, Kimi Raikkonen's slow start jumped Mercedes-AMG's Valtteri Bottas to second place. Max Verstappen attempt to fend off Lewis Hamilton but the Mercedes nudged Verstappen's tire, pushing him out of the race, and if that wasn't enough for Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo's mechanical failures forced him to retire. As disaster looms for a few drivers, the showdown at the final lap between Bottas and Sebastian Vettel has been a close one and even with DRS engaged, it wasn't enough for Bottas to pin down Vettel as the German ace of Ferrari wins the Bahrain GP. Hamilton placed 3rd.

Amazingly, Pierre Gasly placed fourth, which is a miracle for the Honda-powered Toro Rosso F1 car.

The next race of the F1 2018 championship will be in China, on the 15th.

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