Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Forza Motorsport 7: Hoonicorn Fightin' Round Britain

Remember the Top Gear episode where Ken Block and his Hoonicorn are taking a field trip round London courtesy of presenter Matt LeBlanc? That pretty much sick by such standards and I was wondering if I can do the same to Ken Block's Hoonicorn Mustang only this time, I'm taking a tour round Britain's tracks in Forza Motorsport 7?

Thanks to the Hoonicorn Pack I obtained since launch day, I finally got to show the Hoonicorn what is like to be in one of the most exciting places in England except without all the monuments and landmarks to savor at and instead, the tracks offered. But before that, let's hit a refresh button for a while.

Ken Block's 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR had the whole world shaken, rattled, and rolled when he smoked this monster machine in Gymkhana SEVEN and if that wasn't enough, he made it even badder with two turbos and methanol to the mix.

The V2 Hoonicorn features a fully custom twin-turbo setup that blows 21lbs of boost to a 410cu methanol-powered engine, producing a monstrous 1,400 horsepower sending through all four wheels, enough to melt all of its tires completely. Apart from the engine setup, the livery's updated with a "star and stripes" theme first appeared at his Mk.II Ford Escort.

The bigger, badder, and better Hoonicorn made its appearance at Climbkhana where Block roared his way to the top of Pikes Peak.

Anyway, with that settled, time to take the Hoonicorn for a field trip round Britain's tracks. It will be like the good old South Park joke; Russell Crowe fightin' round the world!

First stop, Brands Hatch. Once a rally track in the mid-1920's, it was one of the few circuits in the UK to stage Grand Prix, IndyCar, and NASCAR races. It's been now used for the likes of touring car races and other rookie race tourneys like the Renault Clio Cup. Although the layout is pretty much simple, the elevation and the corners can be somewhat unnerving for drivers taking on Brands Hatch and from where I'm sitting, driving the Hoonicorn round the track made me nervous even though its 4WD layout is prone to understeering while slowing down. Still, that makes it a fun introduction to the wonders of this track.

We survived but the Hoonicorn thinks it needed some more action so I'm bringing it to Silverstone, which matters I hope.

Once used as an RAF airfield in the Second World War, Silverstone has became the future home of British motor racing and their first Grand Prix event was held in 1950. Apart from being used for the British GP leg of Formula 1, it became also a venue for touring car races, even endurance ones. As I recalled, the old Top Gear trio once race a diesel-powered BMW saloon on an endurance race at this venue and survived their way at the end of the race. Such bravery but this is no time for nostalgia as I'm taking the Hoonicorn for a spin round Silverstone and see if this car's very happy at this place. By the look of its smokes, I can tell that it's starting to smile on me.

After a lap round the Silverstone track, the Hoonicorn's starting to smile on me but it left me cold. Is there's something missing with the picture? Wait, I think I know what's missing!

Of course! The famous Top Gear Test Track! Once as an airfield used in the Second World War, this Dunsfold-based airfield is now home to the world-renowned Top Gear Test Track. With Lotus masterminded the track, it was known for testing sports cars to the limit courtesy of The Stig as well as pitting celebrities to see who's got the fastest time. The Hoonicorn's starting to feel at home round the Top Gear Track and by such feels, time to give it a blast this beast truly wants! Here we go!

After a hot lap round the Top Gear Track, Ken Block's Hoonicorn finally smiled at me, knowing that this is going to be its sandbox to toy around all day as long as The Stig's not around. How's that, Your Grace? Ticked you off? Anyway, I finally gave the Hoonicorn one heck of a field trip round Britain's tracks in Forza Motorsport 7. I may not be as cool as Block himself but I did it in his honor as well as the Hoonicorn itself. This has got to be one of the best afternoons ever.

Wait, does the Hoonicorn want world domination? See if we care. When that time comes, it will be the Hoonicorn fightin' round the world!

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