Thursday, April 5, 2018

How to dress as Aikatsu Friends characters

The third installment of Bandai Namco's Aikatsu franchise, Aikatsu Friends!, has arrived and this new series stars new main characters Aine Yuki and Mio Minato who share the same goal to become the best idols of Star Harmony Academy and their hopes to come face to face with the venerable duo they called Love Me Tear.

Aikatsu Friends

Is this on? Anyway, sorry for the interruption, ladies and gentlemen. Coco here and I'm here because most of you are anticipated for the arrival for the brand new Aikatsu series airing on TV Tokyo this Thursday night and looks like most of the characters look fit for your future cosplay plans, if I'm saying this right.

Anyway, like our friend says, it's an idol anime tradition that most of the idol characters are known for their unlimited array of wardrobe and this new show is no exception. For the time being, let's focus solely on the hairdos before doing so so kids, pay attention!

As Aine Yuki: Aine Yuki is the star of the TV series and her promise is to make a million friends. If someone is in need, Aine's not hesitate to help them. A true friend indeed and being Aine is as simple as a long pink hair with some added yellow gradient to it (airbrushing on the bottom is recommended) and a baby blue ribbon headband on the top and presto! Instant Aine! With that settle, do whatever you want in the choice of outfits, be it the Star Harmony uniform or her standard onstage costume.

As Mio Minato: Mio Minato is known to be the cover girl of every issue of the AIKATSU STYLE TIMES magazine and she's the bearer of the Material Color. Anyway, do you ever hear of a Pokemon named Mareanie? Use this as an inspiration to mimic her hairstyle. It's sky blue, it's semi long, it has purple gradient on it, and has braids on the back. Voila! Mio Minato's your gal.

As Maika Chono - Elegant and brash, Maika is the kind of idol who won't let anyone stand in her way. Her hair is somewhat long and somewhat purplish. Easy as pie. With the Maika look set, feel free to don whatever outfits she wore.

As Ema Hinata - Although cute by her appearance, Ema's the kind of idol who wants to stand above the rest. To be Ema, first you need to get a very long blond hair and make two pigtails out of it, making sure that the pigtails you're doing is as slim as Ema's. With that, the outfits are up to you!

As Karen Kamishiro - Karen is the elegant half of the veteran idol duo, Love Me Tear, and to be her, one long blond hair is needed to work on but approach with caution, folks, because her hairstyle looks like a squid of some sort. It's a tricky job so you'd better be careful with the hair your working on while trying to mimic Karen's. Once done, feel free to pick whatever outfits you want.

As Mirai Asuka - Mirai Asuka is the energetic half of Love Me Tear and the bearer of Milky Joker. You know the drill, folks. Get a long red hair and make sure the pigtails you're working on matches Mirai's look. It may sounds intermediate but feel free to do some outfits when you're done sorting out Mirai's hairstyle.

...and there you have it folks! With the hairstyle set and with the outfit of your choosing, you can have your own Aikatsu Friends cosplay anytime you want and oh, you can have a buddy who has an interest to this new Aikatsu series as well since this is what the name of this new show means. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this new Aikatsu adventure as well as the new cosplays inspired by this new show you'll be working on soon. Until then, see you onstage!

- Coco

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