Saturday, April 28, 2018

Meet the girls who made it to the MNL48 First Generation

For the past few months, the search to become part of MNL48, the Philippine sister group of the world famous Japanese idol group AKB48, is a drastic one from start to finish as the girls poured a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, to fight their way through the very end and make their names be known to the world as idols and finally, it all ends here with the MNL48 General Election where the whole crowd will witness who will be the center girl, the Kami 7, the Senbatsu Selection, and the Kenkyuusei.

Photo: Official MNL48 Twitter
In case you missed the big event, it's time to jot down who are now officially members of the Philippine sister group of the world famous Japanese idol group from the next girls to the center girl herself.


48th - Cess
47th - Maddie
46th - Princess
45th - Thea
44th - Ecka
43th - Mae
42nd - Necca
41st - Hazel
40th - Jewel
39th - Lei
38th - Brei
37th - Shaira
36th - Sha
35th - Ruth
34th - Kay
33rd - Shaina


32nd - Jaydee
31st - Essel
30th - Van
29th - Daryll
28th - Gia
27th - Mari
26th - Ali
25th - Dana
24th - Jan
23rd - Belle
22nd - Dian
21st - Kyla
20th - Joyce
19th - Nice
18th - Erica
17th - Alyssa

#16 Ikee
#15 Vern
#14 Mela
#13 Nix
#12 Vira
#11 Andi
#10 Reina
#9 Reiko
#8 Celine
#7 Kana
#6 Ann
#5 Nia
#4 Rowee
#3 Coleen
#2 Arol
#1 Emz

16th - Quincy
15th - Grace
14th - Lara
13th - Faith
12th - Sayaka
11th - Jem
10th - Gabb
9th - Ash
8th - Ella

7th - Trixie
6th - Alice
5th - Zen
4th - Tin
3rd - Sela
2nd - Abi

And it's official. The MNL48 is born with Sheki as the face of MNL48 worldwide and the rest of the Kami 7 will be given the ultimate experience; to undergo international training in Japan with AKS, the production agency behind AKB48 and its sister groups, worldwide endorsements and recording contracts, perform with AKB48 and other global sister groups, becoming headline performers in the exclusive MNL48 theater.

Those who made it to the Top 16 got even more rewarding as they will receive a recording contract for their first album, star in their own music video, get popped up in commercials, perform alongside AKB48 in joint group concerts, appear in their local events, get themselves immortalized in MNL48 merchandise, local and global media exposure, and a priority to take part of the global Senbatsu Election in Japan as a Philippine entry.

Congratulations to the Kami 7 and the Senbatsu selection and here's for the ascension of the Philippine sister group of AKB48.

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